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Smith, Martha Ann - 1942 - DC
Smith, Martha Ann - 1942 - DC
WELCOME!! You are looking at a website for genealogy. It is the official contact for The Goodwin Family Organization. It is privately owned and supported. NEW!! A dozen genealogy publications from the Alice Goodwin Sharp estate acquired in 2011 have been added to the Genealogy Files available to members only. Several hundred photographs in varing conditions and formats were also received from the estate of Alice Goodwin Sharp in 2011, and I am about half way through digital conversions. Hopefully these will be added to the database for all to see bySummer 2011. Another inheritance of a large collection of photographs from the McAvey family is under discussion.


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5 JAN 2009 - Added a whole new look to my site.

25 DEC 2008 - Put years and years of work into my family research.