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19401 young Frost, Timothy (I161849)
19402 young, not otherwise specified Ranager, Lottie (I56805)
19403 young, not otherwise specified Locke, Peter Tufts (I149739)
19404 young, not otherwise specified Rockwood, Annie Emily (I156024)
19405 young, not otherwise specified Frost, Sarah (I156389)
19406 Youngest daughter Toomer, Henrietta Raven (I9160)
19407 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I174446)
19408 Zon, Holland Ward, Ivie Alphonso Jr. (I207436)
19409 Zula died at the home of Mrs. Buckalew, a widow, in Leakesville, Greene Co., MS. The cemetery at the time of her buriel was known as McLeod Cemetery, which became McLeod-Magnolia Cemetery and today known as Magnolia Cemetery, Greene Co.,MS. Her obit was in Greene Co. Herald 8-1-1913, with a correction published 8-8-1913.

Prior to her death, Zula had been living with Bob Walley and his invalid wife, her cousin. 
Lott, Zula (I53925)

MISS ADDIE D. SLEDGE, who for the
past nine months has been teaching at
Courtland in the family of Sheriff Wil-
liams, left last Saturday for her home,
in Chuckatuck, Nansemond county.
While in Courtland Miss Sledge made
many warm friends, who regretted her
departure and hope to see her back
again the next term. Mr. and Mrs.
Williams express themselves as being
much pleased with the progress their
two daughters, Misses Eunice and
Clare, have made under her tuition.
Miss Sledge is a Suffolk College girl,
and is a credit to that institution, so
well and favorably known.

Transcribed 11JUL2006 - Michael Vance Baker
Copy provided by Dan E. French 
Sledge, Addie Dunston (I176310)
19411 [He is not the fur trader (c.1765-20 JUN 1823) and is not the Revolutionary War casualty born in North Carolina and was Georgia Commissioner for Roads (c. 1745-10 SEP 1783).]

There are many thousands of Dickson's scattered over the British Isles and the United States, appearing
originally in the roles of intelligent, middle-class, substantial peoples.
The branch to which Robert Dickson belonged was from the vicinity of Dunfries, Scotland; many members of this branch of the family are buried at Sweetheart Abbey, near that place. It is a tradition in the family that an ancestor in RobertDickson's line was shot down by Claverhouse Dragoons; his home was burned, and his wife died of grief and shock. Two children survived and an old servant hid them in a panier basket, swung across a donkey, and carried them to the seashoreand on the
western isle [Ireland], where relatives had already refugeed. These children seem to have been placed with relatives
at the village of Bally Kelly, County Down. 
Dickson, Robert (I108046)
19412 [I have not been able to verify this place. MNGJrMD] Daniel Harrison Sasser (I30586)
19413 [IGI shows many Blaisdell's in York Co.] Blaisdell (I6963)
19414 [Not mentioned in father's will but husband & 3 children are.] Toomer, Nancy Ann (I9153)
19415 [Not sure this is the correct Ansel; is there another?] Family F1245
19416 [Possibly the same as G01457.] Goodwin, Thomas (I832)
19417 [P] registered for the World War I draft as a White male Fail, Ira Timothy (I149440)
19418 [see notes re male version] Goodwin, Adelaide (I2093)
19419 __ Apr 1886 per the 1900 census Ward, Lessle (I215823)
19420 __ Apr 1987 per SSDI Forehand, Helen Maybell (I213576)
19421 __ Dec 1893 per the 1900 census Jordan, Delilah (I187738)
19422 __ Dec 1979 per SSDI Eure, Christine Venelle (I207733)
19423 __ Jan 1844 per the 1900 census Manry, Joseph Milton (I182449)
19424 __ Jun 1837 per the 1900 census Jordan, Penniah (I189886)
19425 __ Jun 1878 per the 1900 census Harrell, Robert Henry (I171773)
19426 __ Jun 1892 per the 1900 census Monds, George (I215204)
19427 __ May 1890 per the 1900 census Monds, Sarah Elizabeth (I204377)
19428 __ Nov 1887 per the 1900 census Harrell, Benjamin L. (I177059)
19429 __ Oct 1847 per the 1900 census Boyce, Elmira Jane (I179229)
19430 __ Oct 1898 per the 1900 census Turner, John M. (I215231)
19431 __ Oct 1899 per the 1900 census Deans, Thomas E. (I214953)
19432 __ Sep 1893 per the 1900 census Turner, Sydney (I215230)
19433 __ Sep 1895 per the 1900 census Jordan, Gladys Marion (I189345)
19434 Kimball, Josephine Eugenia M (I165694)
19435 Lake, Lucy Brown (I166548)

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