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Goodwin, John Sr.

Male Abt 1753 -

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  • Name Goodwin, John 
    Suffix Sr. 
    Born Abt 1753  Chowan County, North Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • age calculated from his pension application in November 1833 he was 80 years old
    Gender Male 
    RevWar 02 Mar 1778  Revolutionary War Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Event-Misc 13 Nov 1833  Perquimans County Courthouse, Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Pension application of John Goodwin S6908 fn18NC

      State of North Carolina, Perquimans County: Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions November Term 1833
      On this 13
      th day of November 1833 personally appeared in open Court before the Justices of
      said Court now sitting John Goodwin Senior a resident of the County of Perquimans and State of North
      Carolina aged 80 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the
      following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June the 7
      th 1832.
      That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served
      as herein stated, on the 2
      nd day of March 1778 he volunteered under Captain John Harvey in the County
      of Perquimans where and three months he proceeded in Colonel Jarvis Regiment attached to the
      division of General Will. Gregory through Edenton in said thence to Hillsboro in same State where the
      division under General Gregory halted and remained for some time. That John Creecy was kept
      Lieutenant of this affiant's company - that from Hillsboro they marched to Yadkin on their way to
      Charleston where they were attacked and defeated by the enemy - that they retreated back across the
      River where they encamped and remained there for about four months - that this affiant was at Cole's
      Mills when Gates was defeated
      1 - that this affiant served in this southern campaign for the space of 12
      months. That he received his discharge from Lieutenant Creecy & returned home.
      That in June 1779 he was drafted in the County of Perquimans in Captain William Riddick's
      Company to go to the North West Bridge. That Daniel Stallings was Lieutenant of said Company -
      that he marched to said North West Bridge where he remained three months, when he was discharged
      by Lieutenant Stallings & returned home - that he was also at this place attached to Colonel Jarvis'
      Regiment & General Gregory's Division. That in April 1780 this affiant enlisted under Captain
      Clement Hall - William Walton Lieutenant - when they moved on to the South by the way of Winston
      in North Carolina, passed the River Roanoke at Halifax and joined General Greene at the high hills of
      Santee, where he staid for several weeks - thence went by Thompson's Fort to Eutaw Springs where a
      battle was fought and the Americans came off victorious - that they pursued the British towards
      Charleston and after reconnoitering for some time they returned to the High Hills of Santee where they
      were encamped under General Greene for the winter - that at this place they were frequently marching
      & reconnoitering towards Charleston &c. This affiant served in this campaign for the space of 12
      months at least. He was discharged by Captain John White, who upon the return home of Captain Hall,
      had charge of his company.
      I hereby relinquish any claim whatever to any pension or annuity, except the present, and
      declare that my name is not on the pension roll of any State.
      Questions propounded by the Court to Applicant
      st When and in what year were you born?
      answer In the County of Chowan NC and was born in 1753
      nd Have you any record of your age and if so where is it?
      Answer. I have not.
      rd Where were you living when called into service: where have you lived since the Revolutionary War
      and where do you now live?
      Answer. In the County of Perquimans, where I have lived ever since.
      th How were you called into service; were you drafted; did you volunteer or were you a substitute, and
      if in substitute, for whom?
      Answer. I first volunteered - the second time I was drafted, the third time I enlisted.
      th State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops when you served, such
      Continental and militia regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service.
      1 Horatio Gates was defeated at the Battle of Camden on August 15-16, 1780.
      Answer. To this question the applicant in open Court says he refers to his declaration made
      above, with this addition, that in his first Southern Campaign under Colonel Jarvis, he this affiant fired
      upon and wounded his Colonel under the following circumstances. Colonel Jarvis was a first rate
      officer, he was much in the habit of watching his men while placed as sentinels, and if he found them
      sleepy or careless, would sometimes take away their guns unknown to to them, & the next day expose
      them to the derision & ridicule of his Regiment - that one night he attempted to play this same trick
      upon your applicant, who, having first commanded the password of him & directing him to stand,
      which the Colonel refusing to do, the applicant fired upon him & wounded him, being ignorant at the
      time, that it was his beloved Colonel. This circumstance the next day was the source of much
      merriment at the Colonel's expense.
      th Did you ever receive a discharge from the service, and if so, by whom was it given and what has
      become of it?
      Answer. I received discharges in all the tours that I took. In the first I received a discharge
      from Lieutenant John Creecy. The second from Lieutenant Daniel Stallings. The third from Captain
      John White, all of which discharges I have lost or destroyed.
      th State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can
      testify as to your character for veracity and their belief in your services as a soldier in the revolution.
      Answer. Henry Skinner Esquire, Humphrey Elliott & Josiah Perry Esquire
      Sworn to and subscribed the day & year aforesaid. S/ John Goodwin, X his mark
      In Open Court
      Test: John Wood, Clk
      [Allen Saunders, JP, and H. Elliott gave the standard supporting affidavit.]
      State of North Carolina, Secretary of State's Office
      I William Hill Secretary of State in and for the State aforesaid do certify that it appears from the
      muster rolls of the Continental line of this State in the revolutionary war, that John Goodwin a private
      in Captain Raiford's Company of the 10
      th Regiment entered the service on the 19th day of May 1781, for
      the term of 12 months and was discharged on the 14
      th day of February 1782.
      Given under my hand this night day of May 1834.
      S/ Wm Hill
      State of North Carolina, Perquimans County Superior Court of Law Spring Term 1834
      The amended declaration of John Goodwin Senior to the original declaration filed by him at
      November Term 1833 at the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Perquimans now
      taken before the honorable James Martin one of the Judges of the Superior Court of Law & Equity for
      the State of North Carolina.
      John Goodman Senior after being duly sworn according to law states, that he fained hoped that
      he had been sufficiently precise & explicit in the first statement which he made in his original
      declaration which was forwarded to the war department and has since been returned to him for
      This affiant now expressly states that he volunteered as stated in his first declaration on 2
      nd April
      1778 under Captain John Harvey as a common Soldier that he served in that campaign as before stated
      at least 12 months. That on the __ [blank in original] day of June 1779 upon his return home he was
      drafted as before stated to go to the North West Bridge where he served three months, that in this
      service no incident worthy of note occurred. That on the__ [blank in original] day of April 1780 this
      affiant enlisted as before stated in his original declaration, that he served in this campaign at least 12
      months. That in the engagement referred to in his declaration at Eutaw Springs flight commenced on
      Saturday early in the morning by the Americans coming in contact with what was then called the "New
      Irish Potato Partie" consisting of about 50 in number, who were killed or taken to a man, when the
      alarm was given & a general engagement ensued between the Americans & English armies which
      lasted during the day, that in the action the affiant was slightly wounded in the leg. This affiant further
      states that at the North West Bridge he was stationed in Fort all the time. That in his last tour while
      under the command of General Greene he was stationed a fortnight at Thompson's Fort, but that
      generally he was either in camp or the open field. This affiant states that in all his campaigns he was a
      common soldier and while in the service of the was engaged in no civil service or pursuit.
      This affiant further states that in consequence of his extreme old age, and the consequent loss of
      his memory, & his want of learning, he cannot enter into a more minute & positive detail of his
      Services &c but of the direct & certain facts, he states in the premises he is perfectly satisfied &
      convinced, and for the year 1778 he avers that he served at least 12 months - for the year 1779 at least
      three months and for the year 1780 at least 12 months.
      Sworn to & subscribed before me James Martin at the courthouse in Hertford Perquimans this
      th day of April A.D. 1834. S/ John Goodwin, X his mark
      Sworn and subscribe to in open Court
      Test: S/ H. W. Barber, Clk
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