Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Arkansas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joyce A.  28 Feb 1960Arkansas, United States I133262
2 Mary B.  Abt Oct 1881Arkansas, United States I133234
3 Barnes, Frank Edward  08 Apr 1928Arkansas, United States I245258
4 Blair, Lucas C.  1854Arkansas, United States I151306
5 Blair, Nancy  1848Arkansas, United States I151307
6 Blount, Walter  Abt 1865Arkansas, United States I246153
7 Boone, Richard Henry  13 Nov 1893Arkansas, United States I7868
8 Burke, Moses S.  01 Mar 1848Arkansas, United States I245586
9 Burke, Richard Cail Jr.  05 May 1863Arkansas, United States I245610
10 Cail, Richard  1840Arkansas, United States I245652
11 Cale, Martha  Abt 1844Arkansas, United States I245595
12 Cale, Obediah  Abt 1841Arkansas, United States I245594
13 Coleman, Sidney J.  Abt 1929Arkansas, United States I115091
14 Goodwin, James Thomas  16 Nov 1855Arkansas, United States I18554
15 Gregory, Florence Alberta  Abt 1900Arkansas, United States I52251
16 Halford, Charles Jackson  31 Dec 1884Arkansas, United States I14135
17 Herndon, Thomas W.  1856Arkansas, United States I27929
18 Johnson  Abt 1877Arkansas, United States I18126
19 Johnson  Abt 1878Arkansas, United States I18125
20 Johnson  Abt 1879Arkansas, United States I18127
21 Johnson, Benjamin Roger  Abt 1874Arkansas, United States I18123
22 Johnson, Edmund Harold  04 Sep 1872Arkansas, United States I18122
23 Johnson, Frank Doswell  11 May 1881Arkansas, United States I18128
24 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1870Arkansas, United States I18121
25 Jones, Dorsey L.  Abt Apr 1875Arkansas, United States I133233
26 Jones, Lue R.  Abt 1905Arkansas, United States I133239
27 Jones, Pearl  Abt 1903Arkansas, United States I133238
28 Jones, Rosalie L.  Abt Mar 1898Arkansas, United States I133236
29 Jones, Ruth  Abt 1901Arkansas, United States I133237
30 Kitchens, Myrtie  Abt 1891Arkansas, United States I245630
31 Lane, Henry H.  Abt 1854Arkansas, United States I228768
32 Lane, James Edward  30 Nov 1857Arkansas, United States I228677
33 Lollis, Isaac  1868Arkansas, United States I151309
34 Mack, George  1831Arkansas, United States I41867
35 Mince, Carroll  06 Jul 1938Arkansas, United States I191323
36 Morris, Alfred Price  12 Mar 1868Arkansas, United States I7925
37 Nolen, Mary Ann  02 Oct 1859Arkansas, United States I14174
38 Pierce, Jane  Abt 1845Arkansas, United States I54639
39 Pierce, Nancy  Abt 1847Arkansas, United States I54640
40 Pierce, William F.  Abt 1843Arkansas, United States I54638
41 Polk, Doris Louise  20 Dec 1912Arkansas, United States I148692
42 Thacker, Minnie  Apr 1890Arkansas, United States I197065
43 Thompson, Ira Wayne  13 Jul 1933Arkansas, United States I69916
44 Toomer, Bonnie Jean  1886Arkansas, United States I14597
45 Toomer, Emma Abigail  12 Oct 1883Arkansas, United States I14176
46 Toomer, Henry B.  1877Arkansas, United States I14600
47 Toomer, Mary  1878Arkansas, United States I14595
48 Toomer, Morrison Reasoner  1891Arkansas, United States I14602
49 Toomer, Robert  Abt 1875Arkansas, United States I14594
50 Webb, Jessie  Abt 1862Arkansas, United States I245657

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baskin, Margaret  Arkansas, United States I150575
2 Betts, Cornelia Lewis  31 Mar 1986Arkansas, United States I245641
3 Burke, Aubrey Goodwin  21 Dec 1959Arkansas, United States I245587
4 Cail, Richard  1856Arkansas, United States I245651
5 Cale, Amariah B.  1861Arkansas, United States I173854
6 Corley, Carl Frederick  05 Apr 1969Arkansas, United States I61527
7 Eubanks, Marion Henrietta  03 Aug 2002Arkansas, United States I134364
8 Goodwin, John Henry  26 May 1929Arkansas, United States I18562
9 Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth  22 Mar 1885Arkansas, United States I18551
10 Goodwin, Mary Garland  Arkansas, United States I18111
11 Hauck, Willie  1948Arkansas, United States I113853
12 Johnson, Benjaim F.  Between 1848 and 1907Arkansas, United States I29136
13 Johnson, Mattie  10 Aug 1995Arkansas, United States I113524
14 Knight, Margaret B.  Abt 1888Arkansas, United States I7923
15 Small, Penelope  07 Mar 1858Arkansas, United States I174719
16 Toomer, Joshua Bert  28 Nov 1927Arkansas, United States I9755
17 Toomer, Joshua Wallace  25 Dec 1888Arkansas, United States I9748
18 Toomer, Lela Ona  13 Dec 1934Arkansas, United States I13717
19 Toomer, Margaret Evaline  11 Jan 1892Arkansas, United States I9751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, John Henry  Arkansas, United States I18562
2 Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth  Arkansas, United States I18551
3 Halford, Charles Jackson  Arkansas, United States I14135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, Briant  Arkansas, United States I1746
2 Goodwin, James  Arkansas, United States I20905
3 Goodwin, James  Arkansas, United States I20921