Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Maine, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie B.  1885Maine, United States I17420
2 Gertrude M.  1873Maine, United States I149783
3 Harriet A.  1837Maine, United States I152243
4 Mary R.  Dec 1869Maine, United States I199194
5 Rachel  Abt 1800Maine, United States I152406
6 Sabina  Abt 1822Maine, United States I247824
7 Sarah M  1830Maine, United States I153323
8 Sophrona  Abt 1828Maine, United States I247814
9 A, Addie  May 1861Maine, United States I162859
10 A., Rebecca  Abt 1826Maine, United States I149635
11 Avery, Rebecca  1808Maine, United States I153033
12 Barrell, Anna Odiorne  Mar 1870Maine, United States I150381
13 Blaisdell, George  Feb 1862Maine, United States I150380
14 Brooks, Mary G.  1820Maine, United States I149478
15 Campbell, Emeline  1824Maine, United States I2547
16 Capen, Deanna  Nov 1845Maine, United States I163487
17 Card, Achsah Marie  01 Mar 1867Maine, United States I163489
18 Card, Joel  Abt 1826Maine, United States I163490
19 Chase, Millville E  1854Maine, United States I159166
20 Clark, John Dow  07 Feb 1837Maine, United States I17888
21 Cook, Carrie May  23 Aug 1884Maine, United States I150736
22 Cook, George B.  Abt 1849Maine, United States I150735
23 Cook, John  19 Jan 1879Maine, United States I150738
24 Cook, Roger  15 May 1882Maine, United States I150737
25 Cram, Phoebe Jane  EITHER 18 May 1828 OR 1829Maine, United States I150009
26 Day, Betsey  Abt 1817Maine, United States I163821
27 Day, Betsy  Abt 1797Maine, United States I163823
28 E, Sarah  Abt 1855Maine, United States I163936
29 Elizabeth  1834Maine, United States I163981
30 Emily  1802Maine, United States I164020
31 Eunice  Abt 1816Maine, United States I164044
32 Fogg, James L  Dec 1834Maine, United States I164102
33 Fogg, Margaret Ann H.  Jul 1838Maine, United States I164106
34 Fogg, William Willis  24 Feb 1870Maine, United States I164107
35 Frost, Perilla  14 Aug 1841Maine, United States I22005
36 Goodwin  Abt 1800Maine, United States I168564
37 Goodwin, Albra  Abt 1856Maine, United States I247827
38 Goodwin, Almeda  Abt 1846Maine, United States I2135
39 Goodwin, Caroline  1845Maine, United States I150003
40 Goodwin, Charles H.  1849Maine, United States I150005
41 Goodwin, David  Abt 1842Maine, United States I247829
42 Goodwin, Edward  Abt 1825Maine, United States I247813
43 Goodwin, Eliza J.  1839Maine, United States I151624
44 Goodwin, Emily or Ella G  Abt 1852Maine, United States I154422
45 Goodwin, Eva Amanda  1868Maine, United States I22817
46 Goodwin, Hattie G.  Jun 1875Maine, United States I4462
47 Goodwin, Isabella  Abt 1849Maine, United States I247815
48 Goodwin, Ivory L.  May 1842Maine, United States I198
49 Goodwin, Jefferson  21 Jun 1806Maine, United States I3454
50 Goodwin, John C. Jr.  1846Maine, United States I150004

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Mary G.  12 Jan 1841Maine, United States I149478
2 Butler, Ellen Pearl  17 Mar 1929Maine, United States I1871
3 Catherine  Aft 1880Maine, United States I163553
4 Cook, Roger  22 Apr 1883Maine, United States I150737
5 Fogg, Josiah  Aft 1860Maine, United States I164104
6 Frost, Sarah P.  08 Feb 1859Maine, United States I150758
7 Goodwin, Ebenezer  Nov 1831Maine, United States I2737
8 Goodwin, William E.  26 Sep 1875Maine, United States I152242
9 Gould, Charlotte Coombes  26 Apr 1835Maine, United States I155214
10 Hill, John  Bef 1781Maine, United States I158487
11 Hoyt, Levi  Maine, United States I164817
12 Kilgore, Ben  07 Jul 1874Maine, United States I165043
13 Kimball, Emma  05 Apr 1863Maine, United States I165417
14 Pottle, Rachel Dunton  Maine, United States I150158
15 Rowe, Fannie  Apr 1875Maine, United States I150732
16 Simpson, Ann Gertrude  08 Apr 1883Maine, United States I150728
17 Simpson, Henrietta  05 Nov 1865Maine, United States I150741
18 Starbird, Franklin  1851Maine, United States I17361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Herrick, Andrew  Maine, United States I34


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, Alpheus Hill  Between 1915 and 1916Maine, United States I107002
2 Goodwin, Miles  Maine, United States I1043

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Grover, Gerald G.  Maine, United States I22827
2 Shum, Alden Francis  Maine, United States I22811
3 Weare, George Dunlap  Maine, United States I22823


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fogg / Frost  1862Maine, United States F8305
2 Frost / Cloutman  1740Maine, United States F6299
3 Frost / Littlefield  Abt 1682Maine, United States F951
4 Hammond / Staples  19 Sep 1789Maine, United States F1045
5 Hersom / Butler  03 Jul 1916Maine, United States F1062
6 Johnson / Goodwin  Abt 1837Maine, United States F6354
7 Jordan / Frost  25 May 1820Maine, United States F2014
8 Perkins / Goodwin  19 Dec 1869Maine, United States F7338
9 Simpson / Hubbard  10 Apr 1850Maine, United States F2229
10 Smith / Jordan  25 Dec 1844Maine, United States F2011
11 Thompson / Green  Abt 1660Maine, United States F8226