Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Connecticut, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice Delia  Abt 1846Connecticut, United States I148136
2 Dorcas  Abt 1849Connecticut, United States I55456
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1893Connecticut, United States I148140
4 Sarah  Abt 1810Connecticut, United States I231540
5 Unknown  Abt 1795Connecticut, United States I22864
6 Unknown  Abt 1820Connecticut, United States I148952
7 Unknown  Abt 1823Connecticut, United States I148953
8 Unknown  Abt 1825Connecticut, United States I55457
9 Unknown  Abt 1828Connecticut, United States I55458
10 Behm, Florence G.  1903Connecticut, United States I17410
11 Behm, John Hagar  1904Connecticut, United States I17412
12 Bradford, Lyman Sherwood  Abt 1802Connecticut, United States I122987
13 Brainard, Alvah Sherman  Jun 1845Connecticut, United States I163202
14 Brainard, Malcomb  Nov 1879Connecticut, United States I163203
15 Brainard, Sherman Brooks  Aug 1881Connecticut, United States I163204
16 Calvert, Charles Edward  Abt 1827Connecticut, United States I239679
17 Cole, Alice May  Abt 1901Connecticut, United States I148125
18 Dickinson, Anna  18 Feb 1854Connecticut, United States I218435
19 Freeman, Tamerson  08 Dec 1762Connecticut, United States I164135
20 G, Harriet  Abt 1867Connecticut, United States I164167
21 Goodwin, Henry Clay  1847Connecticut, United States I148129
22 Goodwin, Ida Mae  Abt 1878Connecticut, United States I148137
23 Goodwin, Timothy T.  Abt 1847Connecticut, United States I148131
24 Goodwin, William A.  Abt 1843Connecticut, United States I148130
25 Hoyt, John Clifford  1816Connecticut, United States I76109
26 Knapp, Abigail R.  Apr 1844Connecticut, United States I218452
27 Knapp, Arthur  22 Jan 1885Connecticut, United States I218436
28 Knapp, Emeline  Abt 1854Connecticut, United States I218454
29 Knapp, Isaac  Abt 1811Connecticut, United States I218450
30 Knapp, Obedia B.  Abt 1841Connecticut, United States I218453
31 Knapp, Ralph  09 Apr 1892Connecticut, United States I218449
32 Knapp, Theadosia  Abt 1842Connecticut, United States I218455
33 L, Lizzie  Abt 1852Connecticut, United States I166259
34 Lee, Henry C.  Oct 1861Connecticut, United States I166687
35 Mead, Theadocia  Abt 1819Connecticut, United States I218451
36 Morse  Abt 1800Connecticut, United States I22863
37 Richmond, William Fred  Abt 1854Connecticut, United States I148134
38 Smith, Josiah  1811Connecticut, United States I86614
39 Stevens, Anna B  06 Apr 1867Connecticut, United States I168019
40 T, Jennie  Abt 1836Connecticut, United States I168093
41 Woodward, Jennie  Dec 1850Connecticut, United States I168515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Judith Starr  06 Jun 1993Connecticut, United States I197530


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth H.  1842Connecticut, United States I148128
2 Goodwin, William Archer  1842Connecticut, United States I148127


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goodwin / Rood  03 Apr 1806Connecticut, United States F7317