Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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England, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 .  Abt 1723England, United Kingdom I111788
2 Agnes  Abt 1518England, United Kingdom I21022
3 Cecily  Abt 1512England, United Kingdom I656
4 Dorothy  England, United Kingdom I153301
5 Elizabeth  Abt 1590England, United Kingdom I154270
6 Fitz  Abt 1446England, United Kingdom I1020
7 Harriet  Abt 1831England, United Kingdom I15993
8 Joan  Abt 1507England, United Kingdom I651
9 Joan  Abt 1584England, United Kingdom I20655
10 Johanne  Abt 1441England, United Kingdom I765
11 Julian  Abt 1468England, United Kingdom I767
12 Katherine  Abt 1642England, United Kingdom I42740
13 Maggie  21 Dec 1864England, United Kingdom I138118
14 Maria  Abt 1632England, United Kingdom I20237
15 Maud  1469England, United Kingdom I168289
16 Patience  1608England, United Kingdom I154258
17 Sarah  1600England, United Kingdom I20968
18 Unknown  Abt 1509England, United Kingdom I7446
19 Unknown  Abt 1668England, United Kingdom I833
20 Unknown  Abt 1752England, United Kingdom I5706
21 Unknown  Abt 1777England, United Kingdom I13022
22 Unknown  Abt 1803England, United Kingdom I8227
23 Unknown  Abt 1869England, United Kingdom I12900
24 Unknown  Abt 1873England, United Kingdom I1986
25 A, Gertrude  Abt 1885England, United Kingdom I162863
26 Almy, Anne  Abt 1623England, United Kingdom I20862
27 Ball, William Sr.  England, United Kingdom I23474
28 Bartlett, Samuel Webber  Abt 1795England, United Kingdom I12925
29 Bellis, Thomas Edwin  Abt 1903England, United Kingdom I18764
30 Berry, William  1610England, United Kingdom I28003
31 Berwyck, Francis  Abt 1580England, United Kingdom I154344
32 Bishop, Mary  1600England, United Kingdom I154626
33 Blake, Olive Gladys Irene  01 Feb 1922England, United Kingdom I39732
34 Blount, Roger  Abt 1464England, United Kingdom I154361
35 Bowen, Joseph  Abt 1848England, United Kingdom I72191
36 Box, Charles Giles  1802England, United Kingdom I51014
37 Brown, George  1820England, United Kingdom I112882
38 Chadick, Asa  1780England, United Kingdom I51600
39 Chew, John  1590England, United Kingdom I20523
40 Church, Garrett  1611England, United Kingdom I154247
41 Churchill, Josiah  Abt 1615England, United Kingdom I154637
42 Clarke, James  1795England, United Kingdom I1235
43 Clay, Joanne  Abt 1597England, United Kingdom I6978
44 Coffley, Agnes  1605England, United Kingdom I163658
45 Cook, Mary Jane  Abt 1830England, United Kingdom I15992
46 Cox, Ann (e)  Abt 1607England, United Kingdom I163712
47 Cranbroke, Mary  Abt 1614England, United Kingdom I154630
48 Crawford  Abt 1800England, United Kingdom I13023
49 Crawford  Abt 1804England, United Kingdom I13025
50 Crawford, Adam  Abt 1801England, United Kingdom I13024

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1610England, United Kingdom I21022
2 Berwyck, Francis  1626England, United Kingdom I154344
3 Billeaud, Samatha Jean  09 Sep 1974England, United Kingdom I26090
4 Clapp, Christopher Alan  20 Sep 1986England, United Kingdom I163616
5 Ducat  England, United Kingdom I11532
6 Frende, Christian  Abt 1645England, United Kingdom I21019
7 Garred, Thomas  Abt 1645England, United Kingdom I21018
8 Goodwin, Alice  1897England, United Kingdom I18738
9 Goodwin, Edmund  1915England, United Kingdom I18746
10 Goodwin, George  1884England, United Kingdom I18739
11 Goodwin, Hannah  1891England, United Kingdom I18737
12 Goodwin, James  1859England, United Kingdom I18735
13 Goodwin, John  1860England, United Kingdom I18732
14 Goodwin, John  1912England, United Kingdom I18741
15 Goodwin, Mary  1848?England, United Kingdom I18731
16 Goodwin, Robert  1488England, United Kingdom I764
17 Goodwin, Sarah  1847England, United Kingdom I18736
18 Goodwin, William  23 Oct 1849England, United Kingdom I18733
19 Grindall, Elizabeth  Bef 15 Jul 1583England, United Kingdom I20955
20 Grindall, William  Abt 1548England, United Kingdom I20717
21 Harman, Mary  Nov 1609England, United Kingdom I154667
22 Hewburd, Geo.  1598England, United Kingdom I820
23 Hewitt, Elizabeth  1582England, United Kingdom I21020
24 Holloway, William  1608England, United Kingdom I821
25 Horsey, Samuel  1784England, United Kingdom I8977
26 Hovell, William  1582England, United Kingdom I652
27 Hoyt, John  01 Sep 1657England, United Kingdom I154307
28 Johnson, Martha  1890England, United Kingdom I18740
29 Knight, John  1548England, United Kingdom I166226
30 Knight, John  1559England, United Kingdom I166225
31 Knight, Richard  Abt 04 Aug 1683England, United Kingdom I166234
32 Knight, William  1568England, United Kingdom I166243
33 Knight, William  1630England, United Kingdom I166242
34 Marvin, Reynolds  Bef Oct 1561England, United Kingdom I154670
35 Page, Elizabeth  Aft 01 Apr 1569England, United Kingdom I21031
36 Porter, Margaret  21 Apr 1648England, United Kingdom I20886
37 Porter, William  1635England, United Kingdom I20881
38 Rice, Thomas  Nov 1621England, United Kingdom I153860
39 Sheaffe, Thomas  Abt 1559England, United Kingdom I154666
40 Simpson, Kitty H.  Abt 1888England, United Kingdom I18750
41 Smyth, Thomas  Aft 1514?England, United Kingdom I649
42 Smyth, William  Abt 1541England, United Kingdom I650
43 Stone, Simon  Abt 1610England, United Kingdom I21021
44 Toomer  England, United Kingdom I9613
45 Toomer, Edward  England, United Kingdom I9614
46 Toomer, Frederick Stall  England, United Kingdom I9356
47 Toomer, George  1828England, United Kingdom I15987
48 Toomer, Leslie William  1977England, United Kingdom I9375
49 Toomer, Nora  Bef 1980England, United Kingdom I9398
50 Toomer, Olive  Bef 1980England, United Kingdom I9396

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Everatt, Mary  21 Apr 1633England, United Kingdom I154374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, James Anthony  1855England, United Kingdom I162841
2 Thomas  Abt 1756England, United Kingdom I22698
3 Thomas  Abt 1756England, United Kingdom I22700
4 Thomas, David  1755England, United Kingdom I22692
5 Thomas, James  Abt 1756England, United Kingdom I22696
6 Thomas, John Sr.  1755England, United Kingdom I20263
7 Thomas, John Jr.  1755England, United Kingdom I22694
8 Thomas, Matthew Anderson  Abt 1756England, United Kingdom I22697
9 Thomas, Sarah  1756England, United Kingdom I20262

Fact 3

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 3    Person ID 
1 Ball, Bartholomew  England, United Kingdom I23472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Arthur Sr.  Abt 1917England, United Kingdom I1984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, George Harry  1918England, United Kingdom I18760
2 Toomer, Arthur Sr.  Abt 1917England, United Kingdom I1984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Sydney  1980England, United Kingdom I9408
2 Toomer, Violet  1980England, United Kingdom I9399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, Robert  06 Oct 1488England, United Kingdom I764
2 Hovell, William  06 May 1583England, United Kingdom I652
3 Woodgate, Benjamin  23 Jul 1603England, United Kingdom I6998
4 Woodgate, Stephen  19 Nov 1557England, United Kingdom I655


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Nelson  England, United Kingdom F8997
2 Ball / Sampson  England, United Kingdom F9000
3 Bartlett / Crawford  Abt 1818England, United Kingdom F4566
4 Bellis / Walton  Abt 1926England, United Kingdom F7266
5 Cotesworth /   Abt 1674England, United Kingdom F7474
6 Dowrish / Farrington  Abt 1554England, United Kingdom F8027
7 Goodwin / Clerke  Abt 1582England, United Kingdom F785
8 Goodwin / James  Abt 1920England, United Kingdom F7264
9 Goodwin / Johnson  Abt 1838England, United Kingdom F7261
10 Goodwin / Lincoln  Bef 1608England, United Kingdom F547
11 Goodwyne /   Abt 1570England, United Kingdom F551
12 Hammond / Tripp  Abt 1588England, United Kingdom F7444
13 Hewburd / Lincoln  Bef 1598England, United Kingdom F553
14 Hilliard /   Abt 1824England, United Kingdom F3480
15 Hody / Jewe  Abt 1419England, United Kingdom F8058
16 Holloway / Lincoln  Aft 1598England, United Kingdom F555
17 Latimer / Hody  Bef 17 Dec 1450England, United Kingdom F8055
18 Latimer / Pipard  Abt 1425England, United Kingdom F8057
19 Merrill / Wolterton  16 Mar 1635England, United Kingdom F45315
20 Noyes / Brown  Bef 1634England, United Kingdom F214
21 Porter / Odding  Abt 1609England, United Kingdom F7998
22 Saunders / Toomer  Abt 1916England, United Kingdom F1398
23 Smyth /   Abt 1527England, United Kingdom F420
24 Stone /   Abt 1539England, United Kingdom F8046
25 Toomer /   Abt 1890England, United Kingdom F1117
26 White / Allgar  24 Jun 1585England, United Kingdom F7992
27 Whyter / Hovell  Abt 1548England, United Kingdom F546
28 Woodgate /   Abt 1532England, United Kingdom F423
29 Woodgate / Hovell  Abt 1550England, United Kingdom F424


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 / Odding  1610England, United Kingdom F7999