Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Florida, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  Abt 1826Florida, United States I85718
2 Easter  Abt 1871Florida, United States I27656
3 Eliza L.  15 Jan 1864Florida, United States I103972
4 Harriet E.  Jan 1837Florida, United States I98626
5 Lela  Abt 1865Florida, United States I134719
6 Miriam  Abt Feb 1882Florida, United States I142850
7 Astor, Lula Ethel  Abt 1892Florida, United States I89455
8 Bass, Graham Byrum  20 Dec 1943Florida, United States I193437
9 Bishop, John  1842Florida, United States I19614
10 Bodie, Edna  21 Sep 1871Florida, United States I54133
11 Bradley, Mary Ann  1821Florida, United States I102232
12 Breland, Hiram Jackson  13 May 1824Florida, United States I102404
13 Brown, Adelia  Abt 1864Florida, United States I122305
14 Brown, George M.  Abt Oct 1852Florida, United States I47452
15 Brown, Hulse C  Abt 1858Florida, United States I122304
16 Brown, Mary A.  Abt 1854Florida, United States I27073
17 Carnley, Hiram  Abt 1897Florida, United States I64365
18 Caro, Adele  Abt 1831Florida, United States I122312
19 Caro, Josephine  Abt 1829Florida, United States I29692
20 Carpenter, Donald  Abt 1841Florida, United States I142058
21 Carpenter, James  Abt 1842Florida, United States I142053
22 Carpenter, Martin V. B.  Abt 1848Florida, United States I142055
23 Carpenter, Sarah  Abt 1845Florida, United States I142059
24 Carpenter, William W.  Abt 1846Florida, United States I142054
25 Copeland, Mary  Abt 1780Florida, United States I25244
26 Courtney, John Cleveland Jr  05 Feb 1914Florida, United States I43017
27 Cumbest, Elizabeth  1790Florida, United States I86608
28 Curry, Carley  18 Jul 1897Florida, United States I79045
29 Davis, James H. Jr  Abt 1839Florida, United States I123010
30 Davis, John H.  Abt 1833Florida, United States I123009
31 Davis, Thomas Jefferson  Abt 1842Florida, United States I123011
32 Dixon, Nancy  20 Dec 1777Florida, United States I19204
33 Ezell, John H.  Abt 1855Florida, United States I63338
34 Finuff, Linnie C.  Abt 1900Florida, United States I134214
35 Freeman, Billy  Abt 1954Florida, United States I52746
36 Freeman, Martha Frances  12 Jan 1837Florida, United States I54249
37 Fuqua, Charles  07 Jul 1903Florida, United States I49555
38 Fuqua, China B.  Nov 1906Florida, United States I49566
39 Fuqua, Delia Mae  Abt 1908Florida, United States I49594
40 Fuqua, James T.  1907Florida, United States I49557
41 Fuqua, Lula Mae  1900Florida, United States I49554
42 Fuqua, Melinda  1905Florida, United States I49556
43 Fuqua, Shirley Ruel  03 Feb 1904Florida, United States I49592
44 Fuqua, Simon  Abt 1906Florida, United States I49593
45 Gavin-Finuff, Mary Elizabeth Frances  04 Aug 1874Florida, United States I33031
46 George, Louella Nancy  06 Nov 1858Florida, United States I54288
47 George, William Johnson  09 Apr 1860Florida, United States I59477
48 Gilmore, W. Robert  Abt 1872Florida, United States I69636
49 Henderson, Mary Anna  1856Florida, United States I19161
50 Hobby, Angus Bowden  12 Feb 1897Florida, United States I23984

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frances L.  24 Sep 1990Florida, United States I15387
2 Ambrose, Johnnie Wilson  21 Jun 1994Florida, United States I234010
3 Beasley, Lavenia  31 Oct 1976Florida, United States I109678
4 Belch, Adam Keith  06 Jan 2012Florida, United States I243007
5 Bishop, Emma Estelle  13 Jan 1910Florida, United States I19598
6 Boyce, Linda Hope  29 Apr 2008Florida, United States I198189
7 Bratcher, Ernest  27 Aug 1979Florida, United States I15377
8 Bratcher, Eugene  31 Jul 1940Florida, United States I15380
9 Bratcher, Zachariah A.  26 Dec 1942Florida, United States I15224
10 Brinn, Harriett Lee  31 Mar 2003Florida, United States I196847
11 Campagna, Lena  13 Dec 1973Florida, United States I169873
12 Cromer, John Wesley  25 Feb 1992Florida, United States I64571
13 Crow, Joseph Hopwood  21 Sep 2000Florida, United States I237774
14 Cullum, Edward Carlton  15 Jan 1998Florida, United States I230555
15 Dail, Randolph Elisha  25 Dec 2002Florida, United States I200063
16 Dail, Stephen C.  20 Aug 2008Florida, United States I219821
17 Eckhoff, Lester William  17 Jan 2005Florida, United States I116499
18 Etheridge, Jeanne Shelley  01 Jul 2008Florida, United States I199525
19 Etheridge, Phillip H.  22 Jun 1992Florida, United States I135055
20 Eubanks, Johnnie Wayne  06 Dec 1993Florida, United States I37090
21 Evans, Horace Lindberg  09 Nov 2008Florida, United States I180253
22 Fields, James Russell  12 Jun 1992Florida, United States I31662
23 Gartman, Daisy  01 Nov 2008Florida, United States I127028
24 Gartman, Kevin Andrew  26 Oct 2008Florida, United States I56012
25 Gibbs, James Thomas  15 Dec 1951Florida, United States I175829
26 Goodwin, George Frederick  16 Mar 2007Florida, United States I18499
27 Greene, LaVaughn  08 Aug 2008Florida, United States I113862
28 Griffin, Frank G.  17 Dec 1990Florida, United States I53178
29 Harrell, Gertrude Lumsden  21 Aug 1997Florida, United States I235996
30 Haskett, Rueben Benjamin  Aug 1979Florida, United States I179763
31 Hawkins, James Alfred  20 Jun 1989Florida, United States I25444
32 Herrington, Ruby  17 Oct 2005Florida, United States I225850
33 Horne, Wallie Ruth  Bef 1990Florida, United States I19162
34 Hudson, Norman  24 May 1912Florida, United States I94948
35 Jodarski, Leroy Eugene  25 Nov 2006Florida, United States I183488
36 Johnson, Eva Estella  10 Jun 1949Florida, United States I184432
37 Knowland, Richardson  25 Jun 2007Florida, United States I166246
38 Kokes, Gertrude Rosalie  04 Jul 2011Florida, United States I170048
39 Lake, Merton W  19 Jul 2007Florida, United States I166574
40 Lamerous, Kirk  Florida, United States I109679
41 Lane, Amos Woodrow  14 Feb 2010Florida, United States I214767
42 Lane, Jimmy Vance  06 Jan 2006Florida, United States I170119
43 Lapier, Ernest Henry  Jun 1987Florida, United States I166674
44 Malone, John Coleman Jr  03 Nov 1981Florida, United States I59854
45 Meiggs, Luther Taylor  29 Jan 2000Florida, United States I239971
46 Miller, Alvin Eugene  Jul 1981Florida, United States I208292
47 Outlaw, William Alton  22 Mar 2004Florida, United States I190040
48 Perry, Ellen Elizabeth  29 Jul 1991Florida, United States I196836
49 Perry, Frank  Aft 1926Florida, United States I26668
50 Perry, Redmond Ray III  29 Sep 2006Florida, United States I204116

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McVicar, Grace  Florida, United States I104374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hollingsworth, Earnest Edward  Abt 1907Florida, United States I121889
2 Neel, Nancy Jane  02 Apr 1854Florida, United States I99129
3 Odom, Arthur L.  30 Oct 1907Florida, United States I219776


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremation    Person ID 
1 Brinn, Harriett Lee  Aft 31 Mar 2003Florida, United States I196847
2 Lane, Jimmy Vance  12 Jan 2006Florida, United States I170119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Castellow, James Starkey  1896Florida, United States I183536
2 Cowand, William Jasper  Bef 1983Florida, United States I172411
3 Goodwin, James  Florida, United States I20908
4 Goodwin, Nelson O.  Florida, United States I1217
5 Phthisic, Maybelle Elaine  1966Florida, United States I192032
6 Thomas, Mable Ruth  Bef 1983Florida, United States I171330
7 Turner, Jerry Atkins  1963Florida, United States I226986

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Byrum, Lucion  Bef 1951Florida, United States I203614
2 Fail, Bertie May  1969Florida, United States I149439


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cumbest / Kop  Abt 1788Florida, United States F10676
2 Lott / Behn  27 Jan 1828Florida, United States F34016