Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Georgia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1867Georgia, United States I52392
2 Annie Frances  Abt 1900Georgia, United States I199269
3 Charity  Abt 1821Georgia, United States I131621
4 Cintha  Abt 1814Georgia, United States I123877
5 Elizabeth Trumpler  1835Georgia, United States I13050
6 Elizabeth  1837Georgia, United States I21154
7 Eva  Abt 1894Georgia, United States I239555
8 Hattie  May 1841Georgia, United States I132969
9 Katie L.  16 Mar 1909Georgia, United States I199273
10 Lucy  1848Georgia, United States I184440
11 Lulu H.  29 Jul 1890Georgia, United States I142126
12 Lynette B.  Abt 1905Georgia, United States I199263
13 Mariah  Abt 1808Georgia, United States I108467
14 Martha D.  Abt 1820Georgia, United States I147373
15 Sara  Abt 1809Georgia, United States I113654
16 Sarah  Abt 1830Georgia, United States I123822
17 Sarah  Abt 1843Georgia, United States I123753
18 Sarah E.  1857Georgia, United States I146972
19 Susan  1805Georgia, United States I42576
20 Unknown  Abt 1806Georgia, United States I147489
21 Unknown  Abt 1827Georgia, United States I148823
22 Unknown  Abt 1853Georgia, United States I148825
23 Abbott, Elizabeth  07 Oct 1819Georgia, United States I51878
24 Achord, Henry L.  1787Georgia, United States I23104
25 Achord, James Jackson  28 May 1815Georgia, United States I23102
26 Achord, William F.  1817Georgia, United States I150215
27 Allen, Lewis T.  12 Jun 1805Georgia, United States I150237
28 Allman, George Grayson  Abt 1924Georgia, United States I43772
29 Altman, Rebecca  12 Jan 1830Georgia, United States I36153
30 Argroves, Clarence  26 Jan 1889Georgia, United States I15255
31 Argroves, Richard E.  07 Apr 1936Georgia, United States I81267
32 Bacon, Edmund S.  08 Mar 1803Georgia, United States I10058
33 Bacon, Sarah Agnes  17 Oct 1807Georgia, United States I10059
34 Bacon, William Hobson  16 Aug 1767Georgia, United States I152374
35 Ball, Bartholomew  06 Feb 1807Georgia, United States I24070
36 Ball, Eliza Jane  06 Jul 1801Georgia, United States I24068
37 Ball, Harriett  22 Jul 1818Georgia, United States I24073
38 Ball, Martha Ann  30 Jan 1824Georgia, United States I25091
39 Ball, Susan Rebecca  11 Feb 1813Georgia, United States I24071
40 Bankston, Thomas H.  1806Georgia, United States I107238
41 Batson, Mary  1816Georgia, United States I27215
42 Bell, Arianna  Abt 1813Georgia, United States I109608
43 Bishop, Eliza  1838Georgia, United States I19613
44 Bishop, Elizabeth  1836Georgia, United States I19612
45 Blankinchip, William A.  29 Jul 1802Georgia, United States I53767
46 Bond, Barney  Abt 1810Georgia, United States I105300
47 Booth, Douglas B.  19 Mar 1836Georgia, United States I33437
48 Booth, Ely  Abt 1787Georgia, United States I53987
49 Borilman, Laura C.  Abt 1831Georgia, United States I150823
50 Brantly, Georgia A.  Mar 1848Georgia, United States I11731

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Katie L.  26 May 1998Georgia, United States I199273
2 Ansell, Lacy Carroll  23 Nov 1980Georgia, United States I189066
3 Ball, Bartholomew  Georgia, United States I23472
4 Ball, William Sr.  Bef 1728Georgia, United States I23474
5 Boyce, Joseph Cooper  Jan 1980Georgia, United States I178755
6 Brickhouse, Alexander  Sep 1956Georgia, United States I198069
7 Bunch, Shirley Ray  19 Apr 1944Georgia, United States I227592
8 Childress, Emily Ovelia  25 Nov 1860Georgia, United States I149004
9 Childress, Jeanette Amelia  12 Sep 1862Georgia, United States I149005
10 Childress, Lenora Alice  24 Sep 1902Georgia, United States I149006
11 Childress, Lydia Vida  12 Nov 1886Georgia, United States I149020
12 Davidson, John Hillman  Dec 1958Georgia, United States I25217
13 Defore, Frances W.  Bef 1900Georgia, United States I247837
14 Defore, Nancy E.  Bef 1900Georgia, United States I247838
15 Fairchild, Ruby Nell  Dec 1972Georgia, United States I84807
16 Fairley, Benjamin Franklin  1864Georgia, United States I26841
17 Goodwin, Emily Frances Matilda  19 Nov 1931Georgia, United States I147623
18 Goodwin, Sarah Elizabeth Catherine  14 Jun 1898Georgia, United States I108000
19 Grover, Amanda  15 Aug 1890Georgia, United States I109216
20 Hamilton, Harrison E.  Oct 1869Georgia, United States I150323
21 Havard, Damaris Eloise  03 Nov 2001Georgia, United States I41499
22 Howell, Phillip  1777Georgia, United States I52498
23 Jackson, Elizabeth  Between 1840 and 1850Georgia, United States I26332
24 Jakeman, Mary  01 Oct 1994Georgia, United States I201127
25 Litener, John  Georgia, United States I8347
26 Nash, James Weir  01 Oct 1986Georgia, United States I150569
27 Nelson, Elizabeth  Georgia, United States I23473
28 Norris, Thomas (Dr.)  1818Georgia, United States I15069
29 Northcutt, Samuel Autry  09 May 1973Georgia, United States I148978
30 Phillips, William Earl  04 Oct 1991Georgia, United States I125487
31 Pugh, Isaac  17 Nov 1837Georgia, United States I26333
32 Pugh, Rezin  21 Aug 1866Georgia, United States I26331
33 Sampson, Margaret  Georgia, United States I24078
34 Sawyer, Margaret  Aft 21 Jun 1860Georgia, United States I148748
35 Thomas, Alexander Stephens  25 Mar 1899Georgia, United States I148813
36 Thomas, William Marion  Between 1836 and 1850Georgia, United States I40652
37 Ward, Christmas Carroll  26 Sep 1996Georgia, United States I197001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Tanner, Theophilus  Georgia, United States I51119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, John  03 Jun 1809Georgia, United States I25607
2 Cowart, Rena Sampson  24 Jun 1814Georgia, United States I44929
3 Davis, Hannah  30 May 1805Georgia, United States I52409
4 Hartsfield, Margaret A.  1811Georgia, United States I84195
5 Howard, Mary  19 Dec 1812Georgia, United States I29448
6 King, John  Abt 1815Georgia, United States I86494
7 Mills, James Albert  06 Jan 1805Georgia, United States I48221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    LAND    Person ID 
1 Howell, Caleb Jr  Georgia, United States I57936


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Treat, H. D. M. G.*  14 Nov 1858Georgia, United States I149003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, James  Georgia, United States I20915
2 Goodwin, James  Georgia, United States I20927
3 Goodwin, James  Georgia, United States I20928
4 Goodwin, James Franklin  Abt 1840Georgia, United States I968

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Robert Ervin  1951Georgia, United States I200390
2 Wingate, Ottis F.  Aft 1937Georgia, United States I199268


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Roberts  Abt 1822Georgia, United States F8667
2 Ball / Roberts  Abt 1822Georgia, United States F8701
3 Davis / Lanier  14 Oct 1794Georgia, United States F18531
4 Doney / Jeffcoat  1927Georgia, United States F3969
5 Eubanks / Ogden  20 Jun 1872Georgia, United States F25577
6 Havard / Hulsey  Abt 1805Georgia, United States F8746
7 Howell / Mock  Abt 1790Georgia, United States F11142
8 Krenson / Fox  03 Aug 1918Georgia, United States F3420
9 Krenson / McDonald  06 Oct 1881Georgia, United States F3363
10 Krenson / Neel  23 Oct 1920Georgia, United States F3428
11 Lambert / Howard  Abt 1812Georgia, United States F24876
12 Sams / Dodd  Abt 1916Georgia, United States F3750
13 Strother / Thomas  Abt 1767Georgia, United States F8577
14 Thomas / Thomas  1835Georgia, United States F25160
15 Toomer / Holmes  Abt 1892Georgia, United States F4123