Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bridget  Between 1802 and 1809Ireland I125234
2 Catherine  Abt 1749Ireland I8452
3 Ellen  Abt 1862Ireland I162848
4 Johanna  Abt 1835Ireland I164956
5 Mary  Apr 1856Ireland I204998
6 Blackall, Lawrence  Between 1800 and 1807Ireland I125233
7 Blackall, Mary Ann  Between 1827 and 1834Ireland I125232
8 Blackall, Simon  Abt 1842Ireland I125235
9 Brogan, Patrick  1800Ireland I99730
10 Burns, Juan (Borne)  Ireland I23190
11 Cavin, Patrict  Abt 1828Ireland I163563
12 Chalk, Samuel Ambrose  Abt 1835Ireland I175588
13 Clancey, Catherine  Abt 1841Ireland I149426
14 Dwyer, Patrict  Bef 1845Ireland I163918
15 Dywer, Edward  Aug 1868Ireland I163919
16 Ewing, William  Bef 1700Ireland I25977
17 Fallon, Rodger  Abt 1836Ireland I149425
18 Fennell, Ann  Abt 1792Ireland I8473
19 Flarick, Hannah  Abt 1841Ireland I149431
20 Fleury, Charles  May 1843Ireland I164084
21 Goodwin, Michael  Abt 1832Ireland I16624
22 Goodwin, Thomas  Abt 1832Ireland I157251
23 Hagerty, John  1831Ireland I170784
24 Hammond, Andrew  Abt 1790Ireland I107008
25 Hammond, John  Abt 1814Ireland I107009
26 Harland, Christian  16 Feb 1688Ireland I147540
27 Huey, Nancy Elizabeth  15 Sep 1787Ireland I65590
28 Kane, Michael  Jun 1831Ireland I170671
29 Kathlene  Mar 1863Ireland I165017
30 Kennedy, John  1770Ireland I8453
31 Kennedy, Robert  Abt 1746Ireland I8451
32 Lake, Lillian May  22 Jul 1890Ireland I166544
33 Margaret  Abt 1836Ireland I166806
34 Mary  May 1840Ireland I166829
35 McGlincy  Abt 1853Ireland I8577
36 McGlincy, James  Abt 1853Ireland I9133
37 Miller, Mary  1770Ireland I21415
38 Moore, James Gov.  1640Ireland I23072
39 Moreland, Andrew  Abt 1809Ireland I8823
40 Murphy, John  Abt 1830Ireland I17653
41 O'Brien, John  1855Ireland I116284
42 O'Caine, Thomas  Abt 1815Ireland I54246
43 O'Grady, Johanna Maria  Abt 1830Ireland I150792
44 Rebecca  Abt 1770Ireland I25974
45 Scully, John  Abt 1867Ireland I167886
46 Simpson, Alexander  Abt 1721Ireland I151993
47 Spellman, William  Abt 1842Ireland I149430
48 Stanton, John  Ireland I106714
49 Talbird, Henry  1690Ireland I9057
50 Twomey, John (Toomy)  Abt 1830Ireland I168220

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Murphy, John  Ireland I17653


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Sperandieu, Gabrielle  Ireland I21760
2 des Vignolles, Charles  Ireland I21759
3 des Vignolles, Charlotte  Ireland I21761
4 McGlincy, James  Ireland I9133
5 Nicola, Charles  Ireland I21762


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ferrill /   Abt 1768Ireland F33255
2 Hammond / Scott  Abt 1813Ireland F45540