Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Kentucky, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cesnna  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I126523
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1787Kentucky, United States I87061
3 Martha  Abt 1806Kentucky, United States I87154
4 Mary  Abt 1794Kentucky, United States I1674
5 Unknown  Abt 1823Kentucky, United States I53435
6 Unknown  Abt 1833Kentucky, United States I53441
7 Unknown  Abt 1840Kentucky, United States I53446
8 Allen, Francis Marion  Abt 1808Kentucky, United States I162905
9 Benton, Erasmus  Abt 1820Kentucky, United States I17106
10 Betts, Cornelia Lewis  03 Jan 1890Kentucky, United States I245641
11 Bristow, James Bufford  17 Apr 1917Kentucky, United States I242573
12 Butler, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1797Kentucky, United States I27967
13 Carr, Cynthia  1802Kentucky, United States I102007
14 Colburn, Glandon Leo  29 Oct 1922Kentucky, United States I68333
15 Colburn, Hertle Allen  24 Jan 1924Kentucky, United States I113781
16 Couch, John  Abt May 1875Kentucky, United States I127366
17 Davis, John S.  1794Kentucky, United States I48199
18 Fletcher, Bettie Luvera  29 Dec 1877Kentucky, United States I126506
19 Fletcher, Charlie Monroe  30 Jul 1880Kentucky, United States I126507
20 Fletcher, Lazarus  08 Jul 1805Kentucky, United States I126495
21 Fletcher, Malinda I.  1847Kentucky, United States I126502
22 Gibson, Caroline  13 Jan 1849Kentucky, United States I18995
23 Goodwin, Emanuel  Abt 1797Kentucky, United States I1673
24 Hayes, Rebecca  1809Kentucky, United States I126497
25 Huffman, Paulina  20 Jul 1817Kentucky, United States I237416
26 Kelly, George P.  1813Kentucky, United States I15213
27 Maples, William Hiram  11 Nov 1865Kentucky, United States I13467
28 Moore, Alex  1823Kentucky, United States I13666
29 Neal, A. D. Jr.  29 Dec 1923Kentucky, United States I25178
30 Neel, Charles C.  02 May 1800Kentucky, United States I27951
31 Neel, John Carraway  Abt 1797Kentucky, United States I23821
32 Pitts, Curtis David  Abt 1955Kentucky, United States I117203
33 Pooley, Carl Nuttall  03 Jan 1886Kentucky, United States I71348
34 Reaves, Marshall  1909Kentucky, United States I25176
35 Rickles, Larkin Swan  1805Kentucky, United States I23153
36 Ross, George J.  Abt 1884Kentucky, United States I226328
37 Russell, Nina Bell  Abt 1903Kentucky, United States I120354
38 Stanley, John D.  03 Feb 1861Kentucky, United States I126516
39 Stanley, Willie Leo  28 Sep 1909Kentucky, United States I126492
40 Stone, William James II  Abt 1931Kentucky, United States I47317
41 Story, Stephen  Abt 1827Kentucky, United States I238352
42 Terry, Emeline M.  26 Mar 1810Kentucky, United States I27952
43 Webb, Sarah  Abt 1844Kentucky, United States I13466
44 Wells, Edward L.  15 Sep 1876Kentucky, United States I246985
45 Willson  Abt 1830Kentucky, United States I53442
46 Willson, Fleming  Abt 1857Kentucky, United States I53440
47 Wilson  Abt 1839Kentucky, United States I54965
48 Wilson, Flem  Abt 1863Kentucky, United States I54966
49 Wilson, Fleming  Abt 1845Kentucky, United States I53433
50 Woodson, Janza Lewisa  Abt 1810Kentucky, United States I145238

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Steven J.  28 Dec 1995Kentucky, United States I234378
2 Davidson, Emma Catherine "Kate"  Kentucky, United States I25173
3 Davidson, Maggie  1984Kentucky, United States I25175
4 Goodwin, Edward Livingston  25 Oct 1909Kentucky, United States I16651
5 Hall, Martha  16 Dec 1930Kentucky, United States I16654
6 McClure, Mary  1829Kentucky, United States I16505
7 Neal, A. D. Jr.  13 Jun 1982Kentucky, United States I25178
8 Pettingill, Charlotte Kent *Goodwin  02 Jan 1908Kentucky, United States I16652
9 Reaves, Marshall  17 May 1971Kentucky, United States I25176
10 Young, Ermal Suda  Apr 1976Kentucky, United States I25172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elliott, Peter  Abt 1780?Kentucky, United States I154966


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davidson / Young  Abt 1923Kentucky, United States F10020
2 Reaves / Davidson  Kentucky, United States F10023