Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Louisiana, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cora  Abt 1861Louisiana, United States I136466
2 Effie L.  Mar 1870Louisiana, United States I124027
3 Ellen L.  1855Louisiana, United States I151775
4 Julia A.  Abt 1856Louisiana, United States I128696
5 Nancy  Abt 1816Louisiana, United States I125728
6 Sophronia E.  13 Jan 1876Louisiana, United States I50313
7 Abney, Eleanor  1817Louisiana, United States I133690
8 Achord, Done  1872Louisiana, United States I150210
9 Achord, Francis Anna  11 Jun 1878Louisiana, United States I150282
10 Achord, Henry O.  1837Louisiana, United States I150212
11 Achord, Lewis F.  Abt 1820Louisiana, United States I150211
12 Achord, Lillian Mae  24 Apr 1914Louisiana, United States I151756
13 Achord, Louisa Cecilia  22 Jan 1829Louisiana, United States I149667
14 Achord, Louisiana  Jul 1852Louisiana, United States I27462
15 Achord, Martha M.  1831Louisiana, United States I150213
16 Achord, Maryolga  Abt 1906Louisiana, United States I150294
17 Achord, Temperance  Between 1867 and 1868Louisiana, United States I150284
18 Achord, William Green  28 Aug 1848Louisiana, United States I27480
19 Alexander, Daniel  Abt 1838Louisiana, United States I87236
20 Alexander, James  Abt 1834Louisiana, United States I87234
21 Alexander, John T.  30 May 1830Louisiana, United States I87233
22 Alexander, Louisa  Abt 1828Louisiana, United States I87232
23 Alexander, Mary Ann  1822Louisiana, United States I87222
24 Alexander, Polly  Abt 1841Louisiana, United States I87237
25 Alexander, William  Abt 1836Louisiana, United States I87235
26 Allen, Amanda  Jan 1882Louisiana, United States I150263
27 Allen, Edna  May 1892Louisiana, United States I150265
28 Allen, Elizabeth  Between 1875 and 1876Louisiana, United States I150267
29 Allen, Henry  Between 1847 and 1848Louisiana, United States I150262
30 Allen, Henry  Between 1877 and 1878Louisiana, United States I150264
31 Allen, Joseph  Mar 1881Louisiana, United States I150268
32 Allen, Laura  Between 1873 and 1874Louisiana, United States I150269
33 Allen, Odelia  May 1891Louisiana, United States I150266
34 Autrey, Thomas  1837Louisiana, United States I23158
35 Averett, John F.  May 1870Louisiana, United States I118323
36 Ayer, Walter Gilbert  Abt 1900Louisiana, United States I76611
37 Barr, David Wilburn  14 Aug 1885Louisiana, United States I71786
38 Baum, William Elisha Lot  1814Louisiana, United States I151770
39 Blake, Thomas Jackson  16 Mar 1906Louisiana, United States I37766
40 Bond, Alice  Abt 1883Louisiana, United States I124828
41 Booth, Barbria  Apr 1899Louisiana, United States I124833
42 Booth, Robert  Jul 1853Louisiana, United States I124824
43 Brewer, Reese  Feb 1834Louisiana, United States I100416
44 Brice, Ida Edna  17 Nov 1859Louisiana, United States I150289
45 Brown, Nancy Mardhanie  Feb 1855Louisiana, United States I27481
46 Brown, Samuel James Jr.  1813Louisiana, United States I23824
47 Cory, Mary E.  1860Louisiana, United States I151783
48 Creel, Albert C.  23 Nov 1865Louisiana, United States I95220
49 Creel, Andrew J.  Abt 1866Louisiana, United States I94148
50 Creel, Annie M.  Abt 1874Louisiana, United States I94150

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Achord, Brice Bedford  12 Dec 1934Louisiana, United States I150292
2 Achord, Francis Anna  31 Oct 1899Louisiana, United States I150282
3 Achord, Henry L.  Between 1860 and 1870Louisiana, United States I23104
4 Achord, Maryolga  Abt 1970Louisiana, United States I150294
5 Achord, Mellie Abi  31 Mar 1973Louisiana, United States I27525
6 Ball, Burrell M.  06 Feb 1961Louisiana, United States I28068
7 Barr, David Wilburn  Abt 1970Louisiana, United States I71786
8 Baskin, Sarah  Louisiana, United States I150579
9 Benton, Erasmus  Sep 1858Louisiana, United States I17106
10 Boothe, Herman Edward  31 Jul 1985Louisiana, United States I61570
11 Buckingham, Cora Day  28 Aug 1888Louisiana, United States I10199
12 Cockerham, Thomas  1856Louisiana, United States I150235
13 Colon, Marie  05 Jan 1778Louisiana, United States I23263
14 Creel, Burton Albert  Jul 1898Louisiana, United States I81097
15 Creel, Robert Levi  07 Jun 1973Louisiana, United States I95299
16 Crittenden, Sarah Jane  Louisiana, United States I27504
17 Crowell, James Andrew  Louisiana, United States I52598
18 Dunnam, Charles Fletcher  14 Sep 1893Louisiana, United States I101035
19 Dunnam, Herman Hayden  May 1984Louisiana, United States I97263
20 Eubanks, Emma Estelle  15 May 1951Louisiana, United States I90332
21 Eubanks, Fred  17 Apr 1931Louisiana, United States I134292
22 Eubanks, William Alexander Jr  13 Jun 1934Louisiana, United States I134289
23 Flurry, Susan A.  23 Sep 1921Louisiana, United States I120009
24 Ford, George Lewis  21 Dec 2003Louisiana, United States I235980
25 Fruge, Augustine (Fregia)  1823Louisiana, United States I23081
26 Gautreaux, Cleveland  03 Oct 1993Louisiana, United States I151764
27 Guidry, Pierre  1825Louisiana, United States I23222
28 Havard, Collie  Jun 1979Louisiana, United States I50423
29 Havens, Charles Edward  08 Oct 1921Louisiana, United States I87265
30 Havens, Elbert H.  08 May 1957Louisiana, United States I119664
31 Havens, Gillespie  17 May 1949Louisiana, United States I26986
32 Havens, Irma G.  27 Apr 1910Louisiana, United States I119668
33 Havens, Thelma E.  06 Sep 1921Louisiana, United States I119665
34 Hebert, Joseph Pepin  Louisiana, United States I23194
35 Herbert, Edward L  Jun 1976Louisiana, United States I164674
36 Hooper, Lucille Irene  1960Louisiana, United States I151749
37 Hooper, William Leslie  01 Oct 1967Louisiana, United States I151750
38 Howell, Eva Loreina  Louisiana, United States I52595
39 Johnson, Rachel M.  Between 1857 and 1923Louisiana, United States I29104
40 Kimball, Florence Mabel  03 Jun 1946Louisiana, United States I165440
41 Lincoln, Josiah  Bef 1870Louisiana, United States I13661
42 Love, Neal  Oct 1981Louisiana, United States I43359
43 McCulloch, Amanda H.  16 Dec 1968Louisiana, United States I151806
44 Mitchell, John Edward  07 Sep 1996Louisiana, United States I44670
45 Mitchell, Noel C.  06 Aug 1967Louisiana, United States I120256
46 Mock, David  Louisiana, United States I70393
47 Pierce, Lawson  Abt 1928Louisiana, United States I54740
48 Poole, Gerald Leslie  31 Jul 1952Louisiana, United States I75862
49 Richey, Nancy J.  01 Aug 1958Louisiana, United States I119663
50 Roberts, Grover Eugene  18 Apr 1928Louisiana, United States I71538

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cockerham, Thomas  1856Louisiana, United States I150235
2 Mock, David  Louisiana, United States I70393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eckhoff, Sedley Daniel  19 Mar 1918Louisiana, United States I37450
2 Stephens, Elizabeth  Abt 1863Louisiana, United States I135655
3 Yates, Levi Butler  Abt 1858Louisiana, United States I40155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Toomer, John Sheldon  Between 1908 and 1912Louisiana, United States I13366
2 Toomer, John Sheldon  Between 1916 and 1920Louisiana, United States I13366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Margaret Evaline  Abt 1862Louisiana, United States I9751


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Achord / Brown  07 Mar 1872Louisiana, United States F11162
2 Achord / Brown  27 Mar 1900Louisiana, United States F11154
3 Carpenter / Ficklin  13 Aug 1896Louisiana, United States F11205
4 Critteneden / Achord  Abt 1863Louisiana, United States F8811
5 Davis / Achord  Abt 1920Louisiana, United States F11197
6 Finall / Whitehead  20 Jun 1849Louisiana, United States F11164
7 Font / Achord  Abt 1889Louisiana, United States F11151
8 Harris / Crittenden  Abt 1884Louisiana, United States F11168