Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Scotland, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Unknown  Abt 1788?Scotland, United Kingdom I4897
2 Unknown  Abt 1603Scotland, United Kingdom I16403
3 Unknown  Abt 1730Scotland, United Kingdom I13032
4 Unknown  Abt 1758Scotland, United Kingdom I154968
5 Unknown  Abt 1773Scotland, United Kingdom I7581
6 Bain, Margaret  Abt 1848Scotland, United Kingdom I25940
7 Ballentine, Margaret  Abt 1799Scotland, United Kingdom I13396
8 Bremmer, David  28 Mar 1797Scotland, United Kingdom I25943
9 Brimmer, Charles Booth  27 Jul 1843Scotland, United Kingdom I25941
10 Brimmer, James  10 Feb 1877Scotland, United Kingdom I25937
11 Brown, George L.  Abt 1815Scotland, United Kingdom I29691
12 Browning, Brinkley J.  Scotland, United Kingdom I84741
13 Crawford  Abt 1725Scotland, United Kingdom I13031
14 Crawford, Samuel  Abt 1751Scotland, United Kingdom I13008
15 Crawford, Sarah  Abt 1753Scotland, United Kingdom I13033
16 Cunningham, Francis  1798Scotland, United Kingdom I26560
17 Elliott  Abt 1779Scotland, United Kingdom I154973
18 Elliott  Abt 1781Scotland, United Kingdom I154982
19 Elliott, Peter  Abt 1754Scotland, United Kingdom I154966
20 Fairley, Alexander  1753Scotland, United Kingdom I26780
21 Fairley, Mary  1751Scotland, United Kingdom I26779
22 Fairley, Robert  1760Scotland, United Kingdom I26781
23 Gibson, Catherine Ann  16 Apr 1873Scotland, United Kingdom I25938
24 Gibson, George  Abt 1851Scotland, United Kingdom I25939
25 Goodwin  Abt 1597Scotland, United Kingdom I16402
26 Goodwin  Abt 1632Scotland, United Kingdom I16405
27 Goodwin  Abt 1770Scotland, United Kingdom I7580
28 Goodwin  Abt 1797Scotland, United Kingdom I7582
29 Goodwin, Bernard  Abt 1813Scotland, United Kingdom I16395
30 Goodwin, Christine  Abt 1799Scotland, United Kingdom I6934
31 Goodwin, Hannah *O'Hara  Abt 1837Scotland, United Kingdom I16397
32 Goodwin, Peter  Abt 1821Scotland, United Kingdom I7584
33 Goodwin, Thomas  Abt 1630Scotland, United Kingdom I16404
34 Grant, Alice Eliza  Abt 1841Scotland, United Kingdom I25942
35 Irvine, Margaret  Abt 1818Scotland, United Kingdom I158666
36 McCaskill, Sarah  1783Scotland, United Kingdom I48027
37 McClusky, Mary  Abt 1816Scotland, United Kingdom I16396
38 McKinstry, Rodger  Abt 1655Scotland, United Kingdom I158150
39 McLeod, John  1762Scotland, United Kingdom I54871
40 McQuarrie  Scotland, United Kingdom I24402
41 McQuarrie, Lauchlin  14 Feb 1843Scotland, United Kingdom I26550
42 Murray, Jane  Abt 1803Scotland, United Kingdom I158617
43 O'Hara, Peter  Abt 1834Scotland, United Kingdom I16398
44 Ramsay, Samuel  1715Scotland, United Kingdom I132534
45 Schene, Andrew  1834Scotland, United Kingdom I14590
46 Simmons, John Henry  1846Scotland, United Kingdom I81336
47 Simons  Abt 1775Scotland, United Kingdom I11642
48 Simons  Abt 1826Scotland, United Kingdom I13394
49 Simons  Abt 1828Scotland, United Kingdom I13395
50 Stuart, Margaret  1718Scotland, United Kingdom I26777

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Unknown  Bef 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154968
2 Unknown  Bef 1840Scotland, United Kingdom I7583
3 Booth, Mary  Aft 1861Scotland, United Kingdom I25944
4 Bremmer, David  23 Sep 1858Scotland, United Kingdom I25943
5 Brimmer, Charles Booth  Abt 1880Scotland, United Kingdom I25941
6 Goodwin  Bef 1840Scotland, United Kingdom I7582
7 Grant, Alice Eliza  Aft 1880Scotland, United Kingdom I25942
8 Hopkins, Sarah  Scotland, United Kingdom I22708
9 Wilson, John  Scotland, United Kingdom I6933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Elliott  Abt 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154982
2 Elliott  Abt 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154973
3 Elliott, Peter  Abt 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154966
4 Elliott, Peter  Abt 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154966
5 Elliott, Peter  Abt 1785Scotland, United Kingdom I154966


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goodwin / McClusky  Abt 1836Scotland, United Kingdom F6338
2 Simons / Ballentine  1819Scotland, United Kingdom F4778
3 Wilson / Goodwin  Abt 1819Scotland, United Kingdom F2968