Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Tennessee, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Florence  Abt 1888Tennessee, United States I227190
2 Gertie  Nov 1877Tennessee, United States I217106
3 Gray M.  Abt 1882Tennessee, United States I217104
4 Ida T.  Jan 1871Tennessee, United States I135705
5 Mary A.  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States I234875
6 Aikman, Albert A.  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I129919
7 Allen, Amon  Abt 1814Tennessee, United States I133616
8 Allen, Mary  Abt 1808Tennessee, United States I133612
9 Allen, Sarah  1810Tennessee, United States I133613
10 Allen, Thomas G.  Abt 1812Tennessee, United States I133615
11 Ann  Abt 1815Tennessee, United States I23088
12 Bennett, Marilda  Abt 1818Tennessee, United States I9737
13 Blackwell, Melinda  1817Tennessee, United States I94140
14 Bounds, Addison  Abt 1796Tennessee, United States I76982
15 Brady, Ethel L.  29 Jun 1884Tennessee, United States I151860
16 Brown, Young Lee  08 Sep 1911Tennessee, United States I210650
17 Bryan, Enoch Cereneous  25 Nov 1840Tennessee, United States I18543
18 Byrd, Sylvia Anne  03 Mar 1936Tennessee, United States I63010
19 Creel, Westley  1817Tennessee, United States I80308
20 Davenport, Adron  27 Jul 1817Tennessee, United States I169400
21 Davenport, Carrol  23 Jan 1820Tennessee, United States I169401
22 Davenport, Delcour L.  26 Feb 1827Tennessee, United States I169406
23 Davenport, Emeline  28 Jan 1813Tennessee, United States I169395
24 Davenport, Eveline C.  06 Apr 1830Tennessee, United States I169408
25 Davenport, Montraville  04 May 1821Tennessee, United States I169402
26 Davenport, Orville J.  28 Jun 1815Tennessee, United States I169397
27 Davenport, Rudolphus R.  08 Aug 1823Tennessee, United States I169404
28 Douglas, Elijah  1783Tennessee, United States I100161
29 Farris, Eliza Ann  10 Feb 1805Tennessee, United States I36135
30 Fisher, Isaac Davis  16 Feb 1876Tennessee, United States I13718
31 Fletcher, Susan  1842Tennessee, United States I126501
32 Fletcher, Wiley Robertson Polk  15 Feb 1844Tennessee, United States I126493
33 Frost, Hannah T.  14 Sep 1806Tennessee, United States I29101
34 Frost, Jesse  11 Jul 1805Tennessee, United States I29119
35 Garland, Ed  Abt 1860Tennessee, United States I13468
36 Garland, Flora Beatrice  19 Mar 1884Tennessee, United States I13470
37 Grogan, Allen  Abt 1859Tennessee, United States I147645
38 Harless, Catherine  10 Dec 1809Tennessee, United States I25753
39 Harris, Temperance Ann  1817Tennessee, United States I23103
40 Holt, Billy Houston  Abt 1929Tennessee, United States I137611
41 Holt, Hubert Henry  Abt 1902Tennessee, United States I31917
42 Johns, Elizabeth  02 Nov 1825Tennessee, United States I23061
43 Johnson, Moses  20 Sep 1805Tennessee, United States I29100
44 Johnson, Robert Merlin  02 Apr 1809Tennessee, United States I29132
45 King, John L.  Tennessee, United States I171131
46 Knott, Elizabeth C.  04 Jan 1826Tennessee, United States I34714
47 Ladd, James  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I23813
48 Maples, William  Abt 1841Tennessee, United States I13465
49 McMicken, Andrew  24 Jan 1805Tennessee, United States I36134
50 Milliken, Alexander Rankin  14 Feb 1819Tennessee, United States I148503

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  22 Apr 1850Tennessee, United States I93189
2 Anders, Charles Calvin  11 Jul 1952Tennessee, United States I197253
3 Boothe, Myrtle Georgia  11 Oct 1981Tennessee, United States I63260
4 Boyce, Nellie M.  01 Feb 2005Tennessee, United States I186781
5 Boyce, Waverly Thomas  05 Feb 2009Tennessee, United States I186748
6 Buchanan, Tom  Abt 1989Tennessee, United States I168664
7 Castellaw, Bartolomew  02 May 1845Tennessee, United States I184001
8 Castellaw, John Dawson  15 Feb 1859Tennessee, United States I184002
9 Cobb, John Hardy  Apr 1880Tennessee, United States I184034
10 Cowart, Edward  1863Tennessee, United States I53304
11 Craig, Joseph Leroy Jr.  14 May 1998Tennessee, United States I217078
12 Harless, Charles Jasper  Abt 1864Tennessee, United States I25674
13 Hendon, Martha F.  1936Tennessee, United States I168913
14 Jordan, Valion Randolph IV  Apr 1987Tennessee, United States I241953
15 Milliken, William  1852Tennessee, United States I148548
16 Spears, Houston E.  10 Apr 1973Tennessee, United States I42760
17 Tanner, Cora Roselle  Tennessee, United States I54481
18 Wilson  Between 1746 and 1835Tennessee, United States I25789


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cowart, Edward  Tennessee, United States I53304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Davenport, Joseph  Abt 1813Tennessee, United States I169393
2 Thomas, Mary  Abt 1813Tennessee, United States I169394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodwin, James  Tennessee, United States I20910


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Johnson / Massey  29 Sep 1803Tennessee, United States F12025
2 Moores / Johns  Tennessee, United States F8780
3 Wall / Harless  Abt 1809Tennessee, United States F10277