Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Texas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addie L.  Abt 1881Texas, United States I134545
2 Addie Lee  03 Feb 1901Texas, United States I150670
3 Laura  Jul 1874Texas, United States I50167
4 Maggie A.  1856Texas, United States I21186
5 Martha  Apr 1851Texas, United States I50222
6 Adams, Bernice  Abt 1892Texas, United States I51695
7 Adams, John Clifton  28 Jan 1894Texas, United States I51694
8 Anderson, Annie Louisa  15 Nov 1892Texas, United States I79728
9 Autrey, Walter Gillican  11 Nov 1915Texas, United States I112627
10 Autrey, Walter William  Abt 1883Texas, United States I132911
11 Beaty, Billy John  Texas, United States I41719
12 Beech, Joshua Thomas  22 Feb 1844Texas, United States I48526
13 Bell, Joseph V.  Abt 1847Texas, United States I115829
14 Brown, Ada Willie  Abt 1904Texas, United States I82431
15 Brown, Edward S  Abt 1913Texas, United States I163273
16 Brown, Elizabeth K  Abt 1913Texas, United States I163281
17 Brown, Madie  Abt 1907Texas, United States I134547
18 Brown, William Maron  22 Jul 1878Texas, United States I134544
19 Brown, Zora  Abt 1902Texas, United States I134546
20 Burleson, Charles Isaac  28 Oct 1858Texas, United States I122955
21 Carter, Robert Eugene  10 May 1932Texas, United States I152013
22 Cauley, John David  25 Apr 1878Texas, United States I71659
23 Clark, Mildred Ida  01 Mar 1896Texas, United States I53920
24 Clinton, John C.  31 Mar 1925Texas, United States I14090
25 Coker, Robert Madison  02 Nov 1920Texas, United States I134924
26 Collier, Donia Lucretia  1854Texas, United States I115827
27 Copeland, Theresa  Abt 1859Texas, United States I123906
28 Corley, Lorena Ake  08 Jan 1895Texas, United States I130683
29 Cory, Talbot J.  1879Texas, United States I151776
30 Cory, William C.  1863Texas, United States I151773
31 Cory, William H.  1877Texas, United States I151777
32 Creel, Charles Earl  10 Feb 1895Texas, United States I95282
33 Creel, Walter L.  30 Apr 1887Texas, United States I95279
34 Davis, Ader  Dec 1885Texas, United States I122332
35 Davis, Delia  Mar 1891Texas, United States I122334
36 Davis, Henry Graves  27 Sep 1843Texas, United States I15075
37 Davis, John B.  25 Sep 1841Texas, United States I15074
38 Davis, Samuel B.  1833Texas, United States I27613
39 Davis, Therman  Sep 1889Texas, United States I122333
40 Davis, Trudie  Sep 1894Texas, United States I122335
41 Davis, Varetta  Texas, United States I23843
42 Davis, Virgil  Jan 1897Texas, United States I122336
43 Derrick, Edgar Milton  20 Apr 1913Texas, United States I82421
44 Dunlap, Almouth Dowden  Abt 1910Texas, United States I112063
45 Dunnam, Clyde M.  20 Mar 1937Texas, United States I104954
46 Dunnam, Ebenezer Watson  23 May 1901Texas, United States I96117
47 Dunnam, Robert Carl  1947Texas, United States I104960
48 Elliott, Luther Dean 7dec1902  07 Dec 1902Texas, United States I226056
49 Evans, E. Maud  1871Texas, United States I151796
50 Evans, Evie A.  Jul 1879Texas, United States I151799

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cathy  09 Aug 1997Texas, United States I58453
2 Julia  Apr 1985Texas, United States I50117
3 Unknown  1878Texas, United States I151787
4 Achord, Martha M.  Texas, United States I150213
5 Acton, Percy  25 Feb 1911Texas, United States I151844
6 Alexander, Joseph Franklin  26 Jan 2008Texas, United States I202202
7 Autrey, Leanna  15 Oct 1918Texas, United States I23107
8 Avant, Mary Elizabeth  19 Jan 1909Texas, United States I57241
9 Ball, William Poole  07 Mar 1930Texas, United States I22938
10 Ball, William Poole  07 Mar 1930Texas, United States I23402
11 Baskin, James  1864Texas, United States I150574
12 Baskin, Laura Gray  Texas, United States I150577
13 Brannan, Myrtle Elvyn  08 Nov 1993Texas, United States I40637
14 Brown, Samuel James Jr.  ?unknownTexas, United States I23824
15 Bugg, Willie Franklin  25 Dec 1981Texas, United States I136096
16 Byrd, Gaines Emanual  14 Sep 1995Texas, United States I40737
17 Campton, Cleo  10 Mar 2004Texas, United States I216576
18 Carter, Robert Eugene  20 Oct 2005Texas, United States I152013
19 Carter, William Thomas  Texas, United States I152012
20 Castellow, Eugene Ray  06 Nov 2001Texas, United States I189398
21 Clower, Mary Jane  01 Jan 1906Texas, United States I146981
22 Constant, Eddie  1995Texas, United States I26449
23 Cooper, David Francis  02 Apr 1990Texas, United States I238965
24 Copeland, Emit  06 Apr 1973Texas, United States I233965
25 Cory, Levi S.  1863Texas, United States I150214
26 Cowart, David Lawrence  03 Mar 2009Texas, United States I140159
27 Cox, John Wesley  1939Texas, United States I86244
28 Creel, Charles Earl  02 Nov 1970Texas, United States I95282
29 Creel, Ella Lafayette  29 Apr 1923Texas, United States I95264
30 Croom, Gertrude  Oct 1988Texas, United States I113237
31 Davis, Varetta  Texas, United States I23843
32 Dement, Ollie Ray  24 Oct 1991Texas, United States I32584
33 Dempsey, Mark Christopher  27 Feb 2009Texas, United States I175292
34 Denmark, Marion Alexander  03 Apr 2004Texas, United States I62309
35 Dunnam, Clinton Ray  02 Aug 1994Texas, United States I102627
36 Dunnam, Robert Carl  1972Texas, United States I104960
37 Dunnam, Warren F.  Oct 1980Texas, United States I104868
38 Dunnam, William Myrth  1972Texas, United States I102827
39 Eakin, David Wain  04 Nov 1984Texas, United States I13953
40 Ellis, Hortense  02 Jan 1990Texas, United States I50180
41 Enrico, Leoncio Jr.  04 Sep 1992Texas, United States I237751
42 Faggard, James Washington  Texas, United States I133571
43 Fairley, James  Texas, United States I26806
44 Fisher, Earl Abraham  22 May 1931Texas, United States I13724
45 Fisher, Edgar Lee  03 Dec 1964Texas, United States I13744
46 Fisher, Lulu Alta  12 Mar 1913Texas, United States I13725
47 Fisher, Walter Davis  11 Oct 1918Texas, United States I13719
48 Fisher, William Roy  Texas, United States I13720
49 Francis, Lola Leona  23 Dec 1948Texas, United States I13805
50 Fruger, Leandre  Texas, United States I23178

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brannan, Myrtle Elvyn  Texas, United States I40637
2 Martin, George Peter  Texas, United States I14766
3 Mason, Gaines Truman  Texas, United States I35344
4 Sheppard, Randal Filmore  Texas, United States I31398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Delmar Odell  09 Jul 1973Texas, United States I13940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID 
1 Cook, James Russell  Between 1846 and 1848Texas, United States I129922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byrum, William Javin  Aft 1853Texas, United States I179965
2 Franks, David Perry  1990Texas, United States I4768
3 Goodwin, Henry  Abt 1850Texas, United States I175511
4 Goodwin, Henry  Abt 1866Texas, United States I175511
5 Goodwin, James  Texas, United States I20907
6 Goodwin, James  Texas, United States I20926
7 Goodwin, Mills  Aft 1824?Texas, United States I78
8 Phillips, Wiilliam Henry  Abt 1836Texas, United States I169412
9 Selman, Thomas  Texas, United States I1793
10 Toomer, Mary Emma  Texas, United States I9757
11 Toomer, Robert  Texas, United States I14594

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Dempsey, Jack Kenneth  1952Texas, United States I175290


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Bartees  Abt 1917Texas, United States F23839
2 Adams / Knight  Abt 1912Texas, United States F23834
3 Carter / Adams  10 Mar 1915Texas, United States F23838
4 Dunnam / McRae  Abt 1812Texas, United States F43687
5 Gillespie / Baskin  1929Texas, United States F6143
6 Godwin / Lewis  Abt 1867Texas, United States F45615
7 Halford / Toomer  19 Dec 1919Texas, United States F5319
8 Harder / Richardson  03 Jul 1887Texas, United States F8764
9 Lewis / McIntyre  30 Apr 1891Texas, United States F45614
10 McMicken / Danels  27 May 1869Texas, United States F16288
11 Neel / Jordon  Abt 1851Texas, United States F9234
12 Neel / Mann  02 Dec 1917Texas, United States F9244
13 Neel / Tiny  Abt 1869Texas, United States F16287
14 Neel / Williams  Abt 1871Texas, United States F9235
15 Niederhoffer / Adams  Texas, United States F23776
16 Owen / Johnson  Abt 1856Texas, United States F12029
17 Riley / Toomer  13 Dec 1908Texas, United States F5344
18 Smallwood / Toomer  25 Dec 1923Texas, United States F5355