Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Texas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilson, Donald Curtis  07 May 1922Texas, United States I107852
2 Wilkerson, Horace Charles  Abt 1906Texas, United States I14670
3 Tuley, Jane E.  19 Jul 1919Texas, United States I151795
4 Torrans, John Russell  03 Apr 1918Texas, United States I76779
5 Toomer, Velma Lavada  15 Jun 1909Texas, United States I13917
6 Toomer, Leroy  10 Oct 1893Texas, United States I13715
7 Toomer, Lela Ona  11 Feb 1897Texas, United States I13717
8 Toomer, Edward Otis  15 Aug 1916Texas, United States I13939
9 Toomer, Chester Franklin  21 May 1907Texas, United States I13777
10 Tiny  May 1880Texas, United States I36140
11 Thornton, Ada Arlene  11 Jan 1882Texas, United States I13774
12 Tanner, Zabud Lucas  03 Jun 1889Texas, United States I83336
13 Tanner, William Jeffeson  28 Jan 1877Texas, United States I83331
14 Tanner, Morgan Henry  25 Nov 1886Texas, United States I83335
15 Tanner, Maning Owen  1884Texas, United States I83334
16 Tanner, Lou Ella  03 Sep 1875Texas, United States I83330
17 Tanner, Carl Holmes  27 Sep 1895Texas, United States I83346
18 Suydamn, Charlie Clayton  13 Apr 1879Texas, United States I151751
19 Strickland, Emma Lucille  20 Jun 1912Texas, United States I51640
20 Strickland, Elma Benton  20 Dec 1908Texas, United States I51639
21 Strickland, Dura  03 Jul 1905Texas, United States I51636
22 Strickland, Duma  04 Jul 1905Texas, United States I51637
23 Strickland, Bessie Mae  04 Dec 1906Texas, United States I51638
24 Story, Dola June  17 Aug 1940Texas, United States I38511
25 Squyers, Anna  Jan 1881Texas, United States I50085
26 Shaw, Edwin Earl  1910Texas, United States I14403
27 Shackleford, John Kenneth  14 Jul 1930Texas, United States I13788
28 Shackleford, George Arthur  05 Feb 1892Texas, United States I13783
29 Sear, Barney  Abt 1849Texas, United States I115830
30 Schroeder, Robert William  30 Jun 1907Texas, United States I13762
31 Ross, Maggie Arlena  20 Oct 1894Texas, United States I13936
32 Reyes, Marie Sara  Abt 1968Texas, United States I29915
33 Rankin, Massena\Mesina  05 Jan 1825Texas, United States I23886
34 Powell, Billy Wesley  21 Jan 1930Texas, United States I125474
35 Poland, Sarah C.  04 Feb 1871Texas, United States I50104
36 Pearce, William Henry  20 Feb 1875Texas, United States I134912
37 Neel, Virgie S.  Dec 1892Texas, United States I23905
38 Neel, Tennesee Ann  27 Jun 1846Texas, United States I23838
39 Neel, Roy H.  Jul 1887Texas, United States I23904
40 Neel, Nancy Louise  23 Dec 1843Texas, United States I23835
41 Neel, Nancy A.  Abt 1862Texas, United States I36124
42 Neel, Mary Jane  1854Texas, United States I27942
43 Neel, Mary  Abt 1864Texas, United States I36125
44 Neel, Mary  29 Jul 1849Texas, United States I23840
45 Neel, Lula B.  Aug 1883Texas, United States I36136
46 Neel, Laura V.  1856Texas, United States I27943
47 Neel, Henry C.  1852Texas, United States I27941
48 Neel, Ella  Abt 1869Texas, United States I36127
49 Neel, David  Apr 1874Texas, United States I36128
50 Neel, Cloyd F.  Feb 1880Texas, United States I23903

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Young, Mildred  1938Texas, United States I15835
2 Yawn, Clarence  Aug 1966Texas, United States I51647
3 Wolfe, Sherry Lorriane  26 Sep 1995Texas, United States I103654
4 Weaver, Margaret  Feb 1987Texas, United States I99441
5 Wamble, Madeline Elizabeth *Toomer  19 Dec 1979Texas, United States I14009
6 Wamble, Madeline Elizabeth  19 Dec 1979Texas, United States I107718
7 Toomer, Velma Lavada  09 Sep 1957Texas, United States I13917
8 Toomer, Robert Benjamin  09 May 1960Texas, United States I13708
9 Toomer, Raymond Lester  05 Jan 1966Texas, United States I13775
10 Toomer, Ralph McCullock  23 Aug 1971Texas, United States I13848
11 Toomer, Leroy  27 Aug 1895Texas, United States I13715
12 Toomer, John Travis  09 Mar 1977Texas, United States I13942
13 Toomer, John Trace  06 Apr 1962Texas, United States I13712
14 Toomer, Delmar Odell  09 Jul 1973Texas, United States I13940
15 Toomer, Chester Franklin  14 Aug 1976Texas, United States I13777
16 Toomer, Alma Girty  12 Mar 1895Texas, United States I13716
17 Tolley, Elva Russell  19 May 1999Texas, United States I195414
18 Tidwell, Charlotte  ?unknownTexas, United States I23822
19 Thornton, Herbert Hobson Jr  27 Oct 2007Texas, United States I37110
20 Thompson, Cecil Durwood  Texas, United States I171390
21 Themis, George Guy  25 Sep 1999Texas, United States I58450
22 Tanner, Maning Owen  1901Texas, United States I83334
23 Tanner, Hubert Loy  1908Texas, United States I83347
24 Tanner, Gaines Ratliff  15 Aug 1974Texas, United States I53223
25 Sumrall, Thomas Juston  15 Mar 1920Texas, United States I115821
26 Sumrall, Nancy Virginia  07 Jan 1907Texas, United States I87781
27 Sumrall, Lavisa  31 Jan 1925Texas, United States I58287
28 Sumrall, Ira Ellis  14 Dec 1895Texas, United States I58279
29 Sumrall, Cornelia Alice  26 Mar 1929Texas, United States I87783
30 Strickland, Elma Benton  Aug 1982Texas, United States I51639
31 Strickland, Dura  05 Jan 1993Texas, United States I51636
32 Shackleford, George Arthur  28 Nov 1946Texas, United States I13783
33 Rowe, Mary R.  06 Jul 1914Texas, United States I102807
34 Rouse, Ernest James  Abt 1947Texas, United States I150260
35 Ross, Maggie Arlena  26 Jan 1987Texas, United States I13936
36 Robertson, David Atholl  1979Texas, United States I167728
37 Reeves, Nancy A.  14 Feb 1989Texas, United States I32133
38 Rankin, Thomas Berry  Between 1784 and 1873Texas, United States I28029
39 Rankin, Massena\Mesina  08 Feb 1869Texas, United States I23886
40 Rankin, James  Between 1848 and 1908Texas, United States I28046
41 Rankin, David  Bef 30 Oct 1838Texas, United States I28042
42 Pierce, Thomas Jefferson  Abt 1865Texas, United States I50793
43 Phillips, Stonewall Jackson  30 Nov 1940Texas, United States I11750
44 Perry, Eliza  ?unknownTexas, United States I23817
45 Perkins, Granville T.  Aug 1982Texas, United States I51651
46 Nunn, Bettie Jones  Texas, United States I17111
47 Nugent, Elizabeth (Elyabeth)  Texas, United States I23179
48 Neel, Thel Herbert  02 Sep 1978Texas, United States I23867
49 Neel, Tennesee Ann  07 Dec 1907Texas, United States I23838
50 Neel, Nancy Louise  1917Texas, United States I23835

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sheppard, Randal Filmore  Texas, United States I31398
2 Mason, Gaines Truman  Texas, United States I35344
3 Martin, George Peter  Texas, United States I14766
4 Brannan, Myrtle Elvyn  Texas, United States I40637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Delmar Odell  09 Jul 1973Texas, United States I13940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID 
1 Cook, James Russell  Between 1846 and 1848Texas, United States I129922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Toomer, Robert  Texas, United States I14594
2 Toomer, Mary Emma  Texas, United States I9757
3 Selman, Thomas  Texas, United States I1793
4 Phillips, Wiilliam Henry  Abt 1836Texas, United States I169412
5 Goodwin, Mills  Aft 1824?Texas, United States I78
6 Goodwin, James  Texas, United States I20907
7 Goodwin, James  Texas, United States I20926
8 Goodwin, Henry  Abt 1866Texas, United States I175511
9 Goodwin, Henry  Abt 1850Texas, United States I175511
10 Franks, David Perry  1990Texas, United States I4768
11 Byrum, William Javin  Aft 1853Texas, United States I179965

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Dempsey, Jack Kenneth  1952Texas, United States I175290


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smallwood / Toomer  25 Dec 1923Texas, United States F5355
2 Riley / Toomer  13 Dec 1908Texas, United States F5344
3 Owen / Johnson  Abt 1856Texas, United States F12029
4 Niederhoffer / Adams  Texas, United States F23776
5 Neel / Williams  Abt 1871Texas, United States F9235
6 Neel / Tiny  Abt 1869Texas, United States F16287
7 Neel / Mann  02 Dec 1917Texas, United States F9244
8 Neel / Jordon  Abt 1851Texas, United States F9234
9 McMicken / Danels  27 May 1869Texas, United States F16288
10 Lewis / McIntyre  30 Apr 1891Texas, United States F45614
11 Harder / Richardson  03 Jul 1887Texas, United States F8764
12 Halford / Toomer  19 Dec 1919Texas, United States F5319
13 Godwin / Lewis  Abt 1867Texas, United States F45615
14 Gillespie / Baskin  1929Texas, United States F6143
15 Dunnam / McRae  Abt 1812Texas, United States F43687
16 Carter / Adams  10 Mar 1915Texas, United States F23838
17 Adams / Knight  Abt 1912Texas, United States F23834
18 Adams / Bartees  Abt 1917Texas, United States F23839