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The goal of this website is to promote, share, and support family history and genealogy for Goodwin?s and related families of past, present, and future throughout the world. This is a non-profit venture. So far as possible, this website is free to the user. As discussed in the Volunteers section, several other opportunities are also available for various types of participation and contribution to this venture.

This website and the various activities presented here are a continuation of the traditions of The Goodwin Family Organization, that organized family reunions and produced The Goodwin News for over 20 years through the leadership and unstinting service by Mrs. Alice Beatrice GOODWIN Sharp and Mr. Murray Heward SHARP. As Editor and Publisher of two family history and genealogical newsletters, The Goodwin News (TGN) and The Toomer Herald (TTH), for a few years, I found that service left little or no time for my own genealogical pursuits. The genealogical contents of TGN were never fully reduced to a computerized database, again due to a shortage of time. This website is a new approach that encourages and facilitates coordinated participation in the search and sharing efforts. The TGN material and the material for four bookls we have published still have not yet been extracted to our database.

This website is a compilation of the work of several people, none of whom are professional genealogists. Some of the work began in the latter part of the 19th century. Source documentation was poor to non-existent until about the middle or late 20th century. Where possible, sources are given, but even then many of the sources are not primary sources. Please do accept this work for what it is, compare it with what you may have, and anytime you believe you have a better source, whether it agrees or not with what we have so far, please do send the information to the Web Master for inclusion in our data and for possible demotion of our existing data. Disproved data will be demoted to a footnote with explanation and citations.

At the outset in July 2009, this database represented about 23,000 people and was compiled as a personal genealogy record. It is being converted to a database serving multiple surnames worldwide. On 12 APR 2010, we had >220, 000 people (still have some duplicates to cleanout), and on 14 MAR 2012, we have >260,000 people. However, fewer than 100,000 (see footer of Main Page for actual count) people that are posted for public view, because we post on the website information only on deceased persons.

Much work remains to be done. The many small pieces of family history collected during more than two decades in TGN fairly beg to be included. We have several manuscripts that should be published and for which we have authorization of the next-of-kin of the deceased author. We have multiple published genealogies that have not been included in the database. If you have time to spare and want to contribute your efforts for the common good, email us and express your interest.