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Sharing: Policies and Procedures

The information on this website is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes.

You may freely copy and share the family history and genealogy for free. However, costs are involved with this work, and donations would be gratefully received as discussed in the Finances section.

Queries are free. We are not limited on computer space. The minimum requirement is your full name and your email address. For your query, include as much detail as you are willing to share (but information of living persons will not be shown in the on-line database) and include reference for the information that you do have. Not necessary to get queries posted, but desirable, is inclusion of as much of your personal genealogy as you are willing to share.

Please tell others about this website.

Please send us your family history and genealogy for inclusion in our primary database. No charges are made for inclusion in our primary database. An An electronic Family Group Sheet form is available to submit information. Click here for the FORM.Submission of any material constitutes your authorization for us to publish the information on the website and in any future project that would be enhanced by that information. Photographs, art, recordings, and text are accepted liberally provided they were originally produced by you or are accompanied by authorization from the author. Send material via email to Malcolm@GoodwinFamilyHistory.Org or US mail to Goodwin Family History. Organization, 206 Woodland Court, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269-3500. Phone: 618-632-6164 (PathLab, LLC during work day); fax: 618-632-0186.

For international donors, files too large for email transmission may be transferred to us via an upload to our server. Please email for instructions.

Please note that Webmaster currently has a large backlog of material to enter into the database. Some of it has been on hold for decades pending his retirement. All acceptable material received via the website will go in its entirety to the Holding section pending abstraction and will have priority over all other sources. The Holding section is accessible to Members only. The material is removed from the holding section when abstracted to the primary database.

The abstracted database shown on the website EXCLUDES all information of living persons for privacy security. Information identified as confidential also will be excluded from the posted information. Release of such information is strictly managed according to the limitations set by the submitter.