Genealogy of the Goodwin Family
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Volunteers Welcome (Needed)

The Webmaster has great and grandiose plans for this website, but the practical truth is that much will not be done without help. Recognized needs are listed below. If you see a need we have that is not listed, please do enlighten us. We know we need help for the following tasks:

  1. Type book drafts from photocopied manuscripts.
  2. Proof read publications prior to publication.
  3. Coordinate research. Right now we are not coordinated and therefore we have duplication of effort. The coordinator, possibly working with only one surname, would work with people willing to receive assignments and with those just willing to tell what they are working on and sharing results. Priorities would be set by people doing the work, by donations limited to specific surname or project, by the coordinator, and by the Webmaster.
  4. Answer correspondence for a geographic area or a surname and ensure information flows to where it needs to be.
  5. Research for specific genealogy. Ideally, the likely sources would be near the researcher. And remember, it works both ways.
  6. Abstract various documents for genealogical data. Preferably, The Master Genealogist software would be used, but others can be used. TMG has ability to directly import from several programs without having to resort to GEDCOM. Discuss with Webmaster.
  7. Write!! We have a few projects in mind that primarily need a writer. Others can collect data, but putting it all together in an interesting way takes a different talent. We would like to see a biography of John Eldridge Frost who collected genealogy for others his whole life. A chapter or magazine article could be written on the history of Goodwin family members promoting family history for over a century in this country.
  8. Participate in the International Family History Indexing Program operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their work is progressing at an amazing speed. It is allowing access to many documents worldwide that would likely never happen otherwise. It will benefit us and many other interested in family history. One does not need to be a member of that church to participate or to use their FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service:

VPN Clients for remote access to TMG databases. Download the correct file for your Windows operating system. Download the Connection Profile and the Connection Intructions.