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California, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Josephine  Abt 1888California, United States I192937
2 Adams, Tony   I162898
3 Alm, Kari Foster  California, United States I162919
4 Anderson, Clifford   I149094
5 Anderson, Robert   I149095
6 Bathan, Peder  Abt 1916California, United States I163092
7 Baumgartner, Denise Ann   I219459
8 Campbell, Stacy Denise   I36228
9 Clampitt, Pamela Cyllene   I247877
10 Cleary, Nan  20 Jan 1956California, United States I223403
11 Coito, Bernice   I197790
12 Coito, Edith  Abt 1908California, United States I197788
13 Coito, Hazel   I197791
14 Coito, Henry John  04 Apr 1919California, United States I182863
15 Coito, May  Abt 1910California, United States I197789
16 Cook, Terry Ledru  20 Jul 1904California, United States I178641
17 Cresser, Daniel Edward  06 Nov 1930California, United States I163725
18 Dunnam, Douglas Blanchard  02 Aug 1910California, United States I102833
19 Evans, Charles H.  Abt 1880California, United States I198144
20 Fitch, Charles  Mar 1861California, United States I161618
21 Fogg, Florence K  Abt 1885California, United States I164100
22 Fogg, James Winslow  Abt 1878California, United States I164103
23 Fogg, Lydia A  Abt 1903California, United States I164105
24 Frost, Lowell Edmund  06 Jul 1909California, United States I156679
25 Frost, William Chapman  29 Sep 1908California, United States I156934
26 Gillean, Jeannetta Sue   I13822
27 Gillean, Leroy D.   I13821
28 Grunsky, Kate Louise  17 Jul 1886California, United States I7348
29 Halford, Brent Foster   I107889
30 Halford, David Michael   I107869
31 Halford, Kathryn Ann   I107890
32 Hays, Walter   I13540
33 Kimball, Caroline Elvira  27 Jul 1870California, United States I165210
34 Kimball, Hope  23 Oct 1901California, United States I165561
35 Kimball, John Austin  Abt 1909California, United States I165650
36 Kimball, Lloyd  Abt 1913California, United States I165732
37 Kimball, Maloma  Abt 1860California, United States I165763
38 Kimball, Doctor Stewart H.  Abt 1912California, United States I166077
39 Kimball, Vernon E  16 Nov 1907California, United States I166118
40 Kimball, Walter Freer  Abt 1906California, United States I166122
41 Lachenmyer, Ruth  Abt 1901California, United States I192942
42 Lake, George Bradbury  1870California, United States I166451
43 Lake, Herbert Wingate  23 Feb 1868California, United States I166489
44 Lake, Herman Raphael  Nov 1894California, United States I166494
45 Lake, Joan K  Abt 1924California, United States I166513
46 Lake, Patricia  Abt 1929California, United States I166598
47 Madsen, Dawn Renee   I30358
48 Marshall, Clare Belle   I107846
49 Mauldin, Mark   I94237
50 Merrick, Bobbie Jaye   I55150

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Edith  Sep 1975California, United States I245688
2 Lillian  California, United States I108705
3 Acrey, Robert Curtis  Sep 1969California, United States I51646
4 Balch, Horace Morse  14 Sep 1892California, United States I163028
5 Beckner, Miriam Pauline  30 Apr 2003California, United States I221530
6 Bedwell, Earl Jr  Mar 1979California, United States I31926
7 Boyce, Sgt Starling Woodard  09 Oct 1978California, United States I235743
8 Boyce, Warren Scott  15 Jul 1960California, United States I216189
9 Byrd, Vernia  09 Jan 1985California, United States I141378
10 Cleary, Nan  06 Feb 1956California, United States I223403
11 Dunning, George Samuel  02 Feb 1999California, United States I186674
12 Engelhardt, Bruce H.  07 Feb 1999California, United States I241985
13 Fitch, Alfred  12 Mar 1921California, United States I161087
14 Frost, William Edmund  01 Feb 1913California, United States I156593
15 Goodwin, Charles Herbert  Oct 1985California, United States I176510
16 Goodwin, Evelyn Ina  04 Apr 1997California, United States I186598
17 Goodwin, Pearl E.  Bef 30 Jul 1935California, United States I172526
18 Holland, Audis Wesley  09 Jan 1972California, United States I58003
19 Howell, Willimet  ?unknownCalifornia, United States I34813
20 Hull, Carl  1991California, United States I164859
21 Kimball, Herbert Leonard  16 Sep 1969California, United States I165557
22 Kimball, John  Abt 1897California, United States I165642
23 Kimball, Milton Stores  13 Jul 1893California, United States I165854
24 Klabo, Aaselie Kritine  09 Oct 1951California, United States I166192
25 LaForge, Alphonse Champagne  Nov 1968California, United States I245679
26 Lake, Herbert Wingate  24 Mar 1940California, United States I166489
27 Lewis, Maggie Dodd  Bef 1955California, United States I66010
28 Lilley, Gibbs  16 Jun 1853California, United States I147787
29 Meinke, Victor Eren  01 Nov 2000California, United States I186452
30 Meyers, Dorothy Ann  12 Jul 2010California, United States I170033
31 Neel, Lois  30 Jan 1993California, United States I22996
32 Raymond, Clara Ann  20 Dec 2003California, United States I150963
33 Robinson, William E.  29 Jun 2005California, United States I40875
34 Scribner, Earle Gayle  12 Jun 1985California, United States I167882
35 Swaim, Eva Jane  09 May 1972California, United States I223386
36 Thurman, W D  17 Sep 1900California, United States I159710
37 Walters, Arbie Mae  May 1978California, United States I245321
38 White, Caleb Lloyd  07 Mar 1981California, United States I203968
39 White, Charles Ernest  02 Apr 1939California, United States I194296
40 Willingham, Debra Sue  21 Aug 1986California, United States I76885
41 Wise, Rayburn C.  29 Jan 2003California, United States I170218


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Linda  06 May 2010California, United States I93046
2 Bilbo  Abt 1920California, United States I46023
3 Copeland, Vanda Ambrose  1919California, United States I221529
4 Goodwin, Ruth  California, United States I149093
5 Havard, Lois  Abt 1920California, United States I46021
6 Kimball, Alice  1920California, United States I165091
7 Kimball, Hazen  1870California, United States I165538
8 Kimball, Helen Adelaide  1870California, United States I165542
9 Schaeffer, Lucy  1930California, United States I167871
10 Stephens, Raymond John   I14420

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Byrum, Ronald Andrew  California, United States I221823
2 Smith, Joy Rene  1976California, United States I206649


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boothe / Webb  01 Mar 1958California, United States F27809
2 Boyce / Votaw  25 Jun 1916California, United States F78943
3 Bracker / Kimball  Abt 1917California, United States F62314
4 Frost / Edwardson  1904California, United States F60343
5 Howell / Womack   F17076
6 Hull / Klabo  Abt 1945California, United States F63223
7 Kimball / Johnson  California, United States F63277
8 Lake /   Abt 1888California, United States F62097
9 Lake / Short  Abt 1914California, United States F63676
10 Leavell / Bishop   F87967
11 Lydston /   Abt 1907California, United States F3169
12 Neal / Rogerson  California, United States F70187
13 Pierce /   California, United States F22290
14 Pierce / McRatic  California, United States F20308
15 Roberson / Conner   F67137
16 Skelton / Grimes  Abt 1869California, United States F5316
17 Sprague / Vaughn  California, United States F32788
18 Thurman / Dugan  1871California, United States F61357
19 Wood / Suillivan   F92130

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